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How can people be so cruel?


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Just spotted Boo on the I need a home website. In the photo she looks just like D used to, absolutely scared to bits. When we met D in kennels he crouched like that then would pee himself, then launch himself at the bars in the hope that the person looking would go away.


Once out and about he would come out of himself and loved being stroked once he worked out he was not going to get hit. It was a steep learning curve as a lot of things scared him, any fast large arm movements or leg movements. I remember I was cleaning the front room and hitting the cushions to plump them up, I found D trembling on his bed :( He would shy away from people with sticks...He was a forced hand over RSPCA case.


I thought I would post as D is now a fantastic dog and loves people to bits now (he can work the pub and is a right tart!) and I reckon a mix of similar breed crosses as Boo. If she has any of D's traits she will make a fantastic dog for someone that has the time and patience to let her work out that people are not scary. For dogs like this it is all about making them feel secure and safe and not pushing them into new things till they can cope confidently.


Fingers crossed Boo finds a nice new home soon.

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