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DSi screen unresponsive to stylus then blank


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Hope you can help me. My son has a Nintendo DSi XL. It was all working perfectly. Sold it on eBay. We then get a message back off the buyer to advise that the Nintendo has got blank screens.


The Nintendo arrived back yesterday morning. Turn it on and the normal warning screen comes up. This will not accept any input from the stylus. Press any button on the Nintendo and the warning message goes and the screens simply go white.


Turn the DSi off and press the L and R and 'Start' button and press 'Power' and the DSi goes into calibration mode. The stylus now works. Follow the dots - all OK. It then says to power down. Do that and power back up - back to unresponsive touch screen.


I've tried a battery pull for about a minute - that did nowt.


I have no idea whether the DS has been dropped or whether any software or firmware update has occurred. I'm a bit thick and don't even know what a firmware update is.


Anything else I can say? The blue light is on and the WiFi light is on.


Any advice would be most welcome.

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Are you sure its the same one?

Did you write down the serial no.?

Its a scammers favorite on Ebay, by a faulty item, then buy a working one. When they receive it they say it doesn't work, and send the seller the broken one back. then they get there money back plus a working item for the price they paid for the faulty one.

Some very dodgy people out there nowadays.

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I have Googled the problem but to no avail.


Not sure whether it has been opened or not.


As I mentioned in the original post, I'm not very up on these things. Not even sure what firmware is. Just wondered whether there is a way that something can be refreshed. The fact that the stylus works when the DS is reset shows that the screen still works so it looks like the software has become corrupted - maybe.


I'll keep Googling.

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