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Adult Quran classes in Pitsmoor?

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Hi all


I was wondering if anyone knows of a masjid in pitsmoor that does Quran and arabic classes for adult sisters? Ive heard something about Masjid Umar but wasnt sure if it was just for the little ones? Im a complete beginner and need something once or twice a week to get me started :)


Hope someone can help :)


Thanks x

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Masjid umar is very good and has Quran classes for sisters and brothers.


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No it's open to everyone


Thanks I was hoping they did adult classes as its just down the road from me. Do you know what days and times they run them?

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try the islamic centre on sevens road at bromhill near jessops hospital im sure they can help you good luck


That's Muslim Welfare House, on Severn Road, incidentally, (which is just off Tree Root Walk, between Weston Park Hospital, and the Jessop Wing)

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Right, I may get done for posting here, but I will try....

Since this is a post geared more for Muslims, I would like to make an appeal.


As you all know, there has been a conflict in Syria for over 2 years now. What had started as an uprising from the Sunni majority in the country has unfortunately turned into a full blown sectarian and civil war.

Casualties so far amount to over 100000 according to some numbers, and slaughtering of children and babies, rape of women and assassination and torture of all are increasing.

The situation is very desperate.

A group of brothers and sisters from around the UK, sponsored by Al Fatiha charity have now been and come back twice to Syria, in the centre of the war zone. They have purchased with the help of donations from the Muslims ambulances and many necessities such as baby food, medicines, etc...

They have set up a bread factory and fed the whole refugee camps for a few days. And they have done a fantastic job, leaving their family here and risking their lives to help their brothers and sisters in Syria.

Here are some links you can check, to see what they are doing exactly. There are also videos of their last trip.






They are going back for the last 10 days of Ramadhan with a new convoy and need to raise money to do so.

I appeal to you, and people around you to give something, even if it is just a little.


Let's not forget that charity doesn't decrease your wealth, but to the contrary, Allah SWT will increase your rizq (sustenance).


Here is one link where you can donate securely:




Thanks to all, and may Allah bless you and your families.

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