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New home needed for neutered 2yo male husky


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Reason for Rehome / Sale: I have been offered work out of the company and cannot take him with me, I have asked all my friends and family but none of them can provide him a home.


Time Scale – How Urgent? As soon as possible.


Sale Amount: Free to the right home.


Has the Dog been in Rescue: No


Location: Sheffield, S2


Age & Sex: 2 year old


Breed/ Mix: Siberian husky


KC Registered: No


Approximate size: Medium size


Exercise Needed: Love's a good walk, but is content to chill and watch the tv on the sofa.


Neutered & Micro chipped: Yes to both.


Vaccinated & Wormed: Yes.


Live in / out: Lives in.


Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals: Lived with other dogs and cats.


Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues : None.


Temperament: Very loving and cuddly, soppy and loyal. Very active when he needs to be, but quiet and calm when needed too.


Good or Bad with Children: Fine with children, doesn't pay them any attention.


Dislike of Men or Women: No dislikes.


OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals: Yes okay with dogs and cats.


Travel OK in Car: Travels fine in car, very well behaved.


Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time: Has been left alone for periods of up to 7 hours and has never chewed a thing, just sleeps all day, lazy thing!


Destructive Behaviour: Can demolish a raw hide bone in no time, but has never damaged any of my property, not even a slipper.


Barks: Very quiet dog, barks rarely.


Pull on the lead: He is not as much of a puller as he used to be, but I have recently been using him with a gentle leader head collar, which has been great to curb the pulling.


Crate trained: Has escaped from every crate I've ever put him in, but is very well behaved outside of the crate.


Housetrained: Fully house trained.


General Information you can share about the Dog:


He is a really great dog, I am reluctant to let him go. Unfortunately that's just the way things go sometimes. I am not asking for any money, but I will be very vigilant to who I give him to. I hope someone can help me and him out.


Thanks for reading.




A few images of him:




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