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Just wanted to let everyone know who runs a sport/fitness/health/skills/well-being club/class/event/organisation or business that I've set up a community project called Fun Me Fit to promote, share and help everyone who wants to make their community a healthier and happier place.


I've turned the project into a mini-social network to engage young people in the community and help everyone network with like-minded businesses, organisations or people so that we can all build a better community. We promote charities and fundraising events or personal achievements.


If you want to be involved and become a member, it's free http://www.funmefit.com just go to the Join Us area. Twitter: @FunMeFit Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FunMeFit


You can view some of our other great members (some of you are probably already on there) here: http://www.funmefit.com/members.


We're always looking for volunteers, supporters and sponsors so if you want to be more involved than being a member, please contact me info@funmefit.com. Tel:07854 682323


Let's make Sheffield a great community for health & well-being!

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