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PC issue or crapping out monitor?


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This one is weird,


screen just went black after some really strange black, thin, fuzzy, horizontal lines appear on screen, they seemed to cluster on the edge of a window and gradually get worse for 30 seconds or so before the screen goes black.


The monitor itself has power and so does the PC, in fact the PC seemed to be running fine also.


I removed the GPU then rebooted with the onboard graphics and the same happened. This even happens in the BIOS


So I used another monitor and booted with dual display and the second monitor displayed fine through the VGA port but the original monitor through the DVI kept crapping out after around 30 sec with the fuzzy lines into a black screen.


So I tried a DVI to VGA converter to test the DVI port with the VGA monitor and that worked just fine also on both my card and the onboard graphics.


Seems like I have narrowed it down to the monitor being faulty, I mean, I even took a screen shot of the Fuzz then pasted it and the image didn't have the lines in it.


But here's what I don't get, why is the faulty monitor displaying the menu and option boxes graphics just fine with no issue? if it wasn't for this the monitor would be in the big black box outside already.


What am I missing here? surely if the monitor is broke then all of it's display should have the these lines right?


I bought this monitor from these forums only a week ago with a PC and the DvD drive also didn't work, I've been royaly screwed over with this one, (You know who you are)

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It'll be whatever turns the input into the display you seen that's faulty which is probably why the menus which are generated by the monitor are fine.


But yeah sounds like the monitor is screwed.

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