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  1. Anyone know where I can find the architraves in the common council houses such as Shiregreen? I cannot find the stuff anywhere or even find out what the stuff is called. Can anyone help me out with this one? Thanks.
  2. As the titles says really, I don't want a whole new kitchen but the existing raws ect are tired, are there any good shop joinery places that can knock me some up at a good price? I would not know where to start looking unless I was to buy a whole new Kitchen.
  3. Which pool is the best for his Age? I've tried Hillbrough but I would like to try somewhere else this time, Ive heard Ponds Forge is more for Kids rather than babies. I'm willing to go to Rotherham, Barnsly, Doncaster ect. I'm looking for play pools with lots of stuff to entertain his overactive mind.
  4. I have ordered from many places but I just cannot seem to find one that has the quality I'm looking for. I used to work in a real Italian restaurant and the place has spoiled me when it comes to Pizza. Can anyone suggest a good place for top notch Pizza? I'm willing to pay the price and wait for as long as it takes to be delivered, I just want it to be nice. Thanks.
  5. I bet the sun will be bright as anything in a hour after this ungodly storm. Bets?
  6. Anyone know of any this year? we found one somewhere in attercliff last year which was a good night. Would love to know of anything tonight boxing day and new years eve. I'm really wanting to stay away from all the idiots in central town to be honest.
  7. Yes it does, the thing is this was an intermittent problem and all i did was pull the usb connection give is a minute and then reconnect the device and it would usually just be ok again, once I have the good connection it stays good for days. It's just getting the two communicating with each other it seems because not it's just bad download speeds all the time, but the upload is fine which I simply cannot understand.
  8. Guys I had a stable line not long back on the wireless setup I have now, I know that I won't get the full speeds on a wireless network but that is not the issue, the issue is I'm getting 1mb download while getting 6mb upload. I can connect with a laptop which I have already done and the line is around 20/10mb but again how does this resolve my wireless problem? Even my mobile is getting more download than my PC and they are next to each other, I simply cannot hard wire this rig up right now and even if I did temp this still will not fix my wireless problem long term. So any help on the actual problem would be most welcome.
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for a little help with my broadband problem. After about an hour of messing about with my PC I simply cannot get the right download speed from my machine, I'm on fiber optic with sky 40mb down 10mb up I've been using this site to test my speeds http://www.speedtest.net/ Now the odd thing is my download is struggling to hold 1mb which is obviously low as I should be getting around 10/14mb as that's what I was getting before but my upload is completely normal and stable in all tests at around 6mb my ping for the most is also good between 20/30 Now I've tested the speeds on a speedtest app on my smartphone and getting the normal speeds so this is definitely a local issue, I have also tried the test in safe mode with networking to stuff out any 3rd party issues and the results are the same. I'm using W7 with the sky hub and connecting wirelessly with a TP-Link TLWN422G Also I simply do not have the option of a hard wire to the router So I'm all ears for some suggestions guys. Thanks.
  10. Ecclesfield road is where I live, great view from my house with the field and green rolls of hills in the distance. S5 in general is not a bad area, it's just so big it that everything that happens bad usually has S5 tied to it. Like anywhere you will get bad and good parts but down here near the main road is a nice spot.
  11. Another local pub falls to the assault on our pub culture. The only place I know of around here is the Wincobank Hotel and the Golf Club that has any kind of atmosphere these days.
  12. So he is acting like Blair then? because that is who david ripped off to get elected.
  13. while these attacks go on we in the West "none Muslims" murder and displace whole counties. I'm not sticking up for, or defending any side here but I will say this, it's Humans that are the problem, not any religion, Faith, skin color ect. That nutshell is a very narrow way to look at the world, a few facts and figures don't explain the behavior of the Human race so we have to blame something simpler on the surface like religion.
  14. People are so disappointed with their own lives they must persists beating on the poorest to make themselves feel elite because deep down they know the real cheaters of this system are out of reach from their bitter, anger state of existence. So they pick vulnerable targets to feel a little of the importance of the very people they empower with such pathetic, petty, narrow minded views such as this. These threads really do upset me as they show how sad, helpless and broken people have become from frustration of not being able to vent meaningful anger and views to change the real reasons and people causing this country to go down the flusher. I for one would much prefer my tax going to the common, benefit cheat than the rich ones in the house of commons. And lets not forget the 980 Billion that was given to the banks not so long ago, 980 Billion, can the mind even fathom such a number?
  15. I know right, they are the only party willing to do what is needed to sort this country out.
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