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Lunchtime organ recital at St Marie's Cathedral

RC Cathedral

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The first organ recital at St Marie's Cathedral after the grand reopening will take place on Saturday the 26th of January at 1:30pm. The organist Nigel Gotteri will present a very diverse and extraordinary programme, spanning from early and contemporary Polish to baroque and romantic German music.

Tickets £5 (£4 concessions) available at the door on the day of the recital, from 9am.

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Ah...I have now found this. I have just stumbled upon the post in which you postponed Margaret McDonalds recital....and have added a review which I will now copy and paste here :)


"The timeslot Margaret McDonald would have filled on Saturday 26 Jan was filled at relatively short notice by the delightful Mr Nigel Gotteri whose organ recitals are always a pure delight.


Through Nigel I have found a love of J S Bach that I never knew existed and through his recitals I have also discovered J G Rheinberger and other composers from the Baroque period. Nigel has become a regular recitalist at Chesterfield Parish Church (Crooked Spire).


During this particular recital Nigel concentrated on music from Polish composers and also a little Baroque and a touch of other interesting composers. I did enjoy a short piece by J S Bach with, as Nigel put it, an "instant religious feel to it".


Please may I ask that Nigel is invited back again in his own right perhaps. I understand he did very much enjoy the experience and I, for one, enjoyed listening. Thank you to Nigel and yourselves for hosting the event.


On a separate note however, I must admit that usually Lunchtime recitals ask for a retiring collection and to find that you had a fixed admittance free + £1 for the programme a little odd. It might be good to open up the opportunity that people may be able to take in a little good music during their lunchtime who may not be able to afford £6. This also might be a good opportunity for St Marie's - whilst Sheffield Cathedral is closed for its refurbishment and as thus are not having lunchtime recitals until it reopens in 2014.


Perhaps also you could use the opportunity of letting people know what is upcoming in your daily diary on this forum. I do believe that the Sheffield Cathedral has an account here also and uses it to chat and discuss things pertaining to them.


It would be good to hear what is happening now at St Marie's now that the wonderful refurbishment has finished. The Cathedral indeed looks splendid.


I take the liberty (from the programme notes) to announce that there are two further upcoming events. Saturday 16th February at 7pm - German recitalist presenting a programme of Baroque sacred music and on Friday March 8th at 7.40pm - Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus.


All of these concerts are part of the Year of Faith Festival".

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