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School admissions for a 2nd child

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I have a 5yr old daughter whom goes to lydgate infants school. When she started we lived well within the catchment are. We have now moved and I have started to wonder wether my youngest 18month old would still get in. My family are certain she will but I'm now unsure. Would she have any priority to get into the school because of a older sibling? My main concern is if she doesn't then I'd be left struggling to do school run to two differnt schools and get to work and then have 2 different after school clubs.

What happens if they refuse a place at my top 3 prefered schools! Never done it before and would love some advice. If this is in the wrong section please could a mod move it

Thankyou Claire X

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Having a sibling there does give you some priority, but only, I believe, over other applicants from outside of the catchment area without siblings there. Anyone within the catchment area will have priority over yourself AFAIK x



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As I see it with Lydgate, because the elder child is 5 years old now - he/she will be in Juniors presumably by the time your youngest is due to start and the sibling at school benefit will no longer apply.


Do you know whether the school year that your youngest is in is one where the schools are going to be stretched pupil wise? Not sure how you could find out but hopefully someone can advise. Also, which catchment area are you in now?


When you fill in your form of preferred schools. do ensure that you use all three choices. I'm not sure what would happen if all three choices are schools that aren't the ones in catchment but if you only put one school on there and you don't get in that, the allocated school may be completely inconvenient. Also, not sure how much notice the authorities take but make use of the space for you to advise why you want that school - mention elder sibling and how you used to live in the area.

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