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Dickinson family Sheffield


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Seeking descendants of Ernest Dickinson & his wife, Gladys, nee Hides. Ernest was born in the Hillsborough area of Sheffield c1906/7. I believe they had 2 daughters, Gladys and Jean. Jean married John(?) Whittaker. Research suggests that Jean's daughter is called Alison, and may now have the surname Broomhead.

Can anyone help?

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Hi - public records show that Ernest and Gladys were married in Oct-Dec 1929, and two likely children are indeed Gladys, born Oct-Dec 1930 and Jean, born Jul-Sep 1937. There is a marriage record for a Jean Dickinson and John A. Whittaker in Oct-Dec 1970, and an Alison Whittaker was born in Jul-Sep 1971, her mother's maiden name given as Dickinson. You mention the name Broomhead - there is a marriage record for an Alison J. Whittaker and Shane L. Broomhead of 1990, but "your" Alison doesn't seem to have a middle name, and an Alison J. Whittaker was born in Sheffield in 1965. An Alison Whittaker (no middle initial) married a Christopher Baines in the Barnsley district in 1999. The 2004 electoral roll shows a Christopher Baines & Alison Baines-Whittaker at a Barnsley address. PM me if you'd like the address. Good luck!

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Hi - thanks for your prompt response. I can confirm that, as far as I'm aware, all info up to & including Gladys & Jean is definite (recalled by my mother). Unfortunately, I'm not certain about Jean & John's children. I'm not even sure where they lived, but believe they were at one time living at Musgrave Crescent in Sheffield.

The search continues. Thanks again for your help.

Kind regards


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Hi, came across this post whilst searching for something else. I am a member of this family, if you're still looking....


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Ernest & Gladys had 3 girls: Gladys, Jean and Diane. I am Diane's' eldest daughter, Joanne. Get in touch and I can fill in the blanks for you on this branch of our family tree.

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Hello Joanne. Many thanks for your (rather surprising) response to my posting. I would love to know more. I had only ever had the few snippets of information from my mum, Alice (nee Dickinson). She was aware of Gladys and Jean but, it seems, she didn't know about Diane. My mum and her brother, Gordon, were the children of Ernest's brother Joseph and Alice (nee Frogson).

If you want to email me directly, Joanne, my email address is bladesland@aol.com.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again for taking the time to reply.

Sue X

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