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Things can only get better for the well off

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It has not dawned on people that the fall in living standards is a generational thing, which means this generation will feel standards fall, and thus accept such standards to be normal.


When I say fall I mean the money one earns, has in savings, cash, will continue to loose its value, which translates in things all going up in prices, thus money does not go as far as it once did.


holding wages down for the majority allows parents and children to expect less and less yearly, not just to buy in the shops or on line, but it has to be everything. So the NHS has to progressively close down more and more departments, hospitals merge, so one closes as the cuts continue. Hopefully this will take at least a decade or two. It has to be gradual so as not to frighten people, as they are fed the facts that it is necessary.


Educational standards have already fallen for the existing generation, hence they can be sold products that they are told are good for them, trusting their more educated betters, when in fact its just another ingenious swindle. This changes the concept that ignorance is bliss, as it is bliss when one sells products to people who feel it has made their life more secure, unaware they have been swindles. So having people ignorant is bliss, as one banks the commission.


It will be interesting to note over the nest 5 years how many additional people die in cold snaps, and if the suicide rate increases, while experts remain mystified of course. This is a generational thing, where people realise that things can’t and will not get better, and prices will forever rise above the stated inflation rate, which again they do not understand.


So in 10-20 years a very different social landscape, where the middle classes are all deep in debt, house prices will fall, while rents will rise, and poverty is the name of the game. It reminds me of the people arriving in the death camps being told they are to be washed, unaware their lives are to be washed away, believing authority, and through the lens of hope, knowing people are not all bad are they. Sadly people can be pressured to do anything, one just has to know human weakness to exploit it, which is a simple process.


Below is just another excuse to be rolled out to an uneducated population, as an excuse for further cuts which people cannot accept are DESIGNED to go on forever, well at least a generation, till they get the message.





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