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2 KC reg Pug dogs for sale


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Reason for Rehome / Sale:my mum has gone into a home and I am out all day

Time Scale – How Urgent? not urgent as I love them and they are no trouble

Sale Amount £800 for the pair (did cost £3000 fr the pair)

Has the Dog been in Rescue never

Location Wombwell S73

Age & Sex one boy 3/one girl (spayed)3

Breed/ Mix 100% Pug with KC papers and birth certificates

KC Registered Yes

Approximate size small lap sized

Exercise Needed not a lot, garden preferable

Neutered & Micro chipped both microchipped/female spayed

Vaccinated & Wormed both vaccinated, flead and wormed

Live in / out only indoor

Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals friendly with all other animals (Pugs love everyone!)

Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues No they're lovely dogs

Temperament very lovong, quiet and sweet. love cuddles

Good or Bad with Children GREAT with kids (the best breed to have with kids!)

Dislike of Men or Women love everyone

OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals yes

Travel OK in Car they love traveling (especially to the seaside)

Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time-I have been doing so and they are fine, but I feel sorry for them

Destructive Behaviour no they are very well behaved

Barks no

Pull on the lead no

Crate trained yes

Housetrained fully


These 2 beautiful pugs must be rehomed together, please! they have been together since they were puppies and love each other. They are quiet, loving and gentle dogs and come with everything you will ever need and more! harnesses and leads, a crate, bowls, food, books, KC papers, coats, costumes etc etc. Please call 07561 112610 if you would like to meet them. £800 for the pair, she is a prize winning white blonde pug.

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