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  1. Hello...and Good luck with your plans!! You are very brave, but I don't think you'll regret it. Perhaps consider Barnsley? (only 15 mins up the road from Sheffield) you get a LOT more bang for your buck here, I moved here 6 years ago due to the great house prices, lower council tax etc and have loved it!! It on;y takes me 11 minutes to get to Meadowhall shopping Centre and there is a lot of greenery and parks etc here, check right move for prices and you'll be pleasantly surprised. All of South Yorkshire is lovely though...ayou're never far from a nice walk or the peak district :) I hope all goes well for you all...and when you move up...post another message to meet folks..we're a friendly bunch!
  2. Same here. I hate it. Ive tried everything but still carries on.....
  3. I REALLY hope it does well for them. The WiiU is brilliant...and I play on my 3DS daily still...but from a commercial point I hope NX catches the publics imagination. I'll be watching at 3pm today for sure!!! Will you be getting it??
  4. Roger123W it is blatantly obvious that you are the same person as 'Tryanna'...kudos to you for using an alternate account to promote your amateur drag business...but you lose a mark for being WAY too obvious about it ---------- Post added 15-07-2016 at 14:08 ---------- PS..Don't you think that in 2016 the gay scene is a little beyond ''Drag queens''..I do. Certainly they're not what most of the young gay crowd want to watch. Unless they are a triple threat...i.e. can sing live flawlessly, dance and do something else (magic/gymnastics/great comedy etc) and I'm sorry but I haven't seen one for a while that does those things......
  5. They collaborated with Cher on their last album so they may have mellowed a bit?
  6. How could you say it was rubbish? the 'celebs' were quite Z-list BUT my gosh..Sam Bailey is an amazing singer!!!!! WOW! she was unbelieveable!!!!!!!
  7. It sounds to me like 'sheffield0' is very repressed and uptight...maybe something lacking in her life....? hhhmmmm. 'BobEngland' you sound a hoot!Lets meet for drinks if you visit UK again-with your attitude and sense of fun, 70 or not, I know quite a few of my friends thatd give you a freeby haha
  8. Lovely Lady and Davey...why dont you arrange a little date?? you both seem lovely and I think you'd be a great couple. New Year new start..take a chance, you never know. As long as you meet in a public place the worst that could happen is you'd giggle at the memory! I want an invite to the wedding!
  9. Harmony Cafe, just off division ST. A hidden gem in the centre...great prices, AMAZING food!!
  10. It was only 6 weeks ago too that Meadowhall had a 'ladies night' on! I hate all that stuff, get shut of strip joints etc all together! they destroy marriages and damage the confidence of men and women!
  11. Agreed Denomis!! I'm sick of things like this...its embarassing when I'm out with the kids and see tacky things like that. Sexism is reversed now for sure..it seems to be funny to ogle men but men go to prison for doing it to women!
  12. That's awful. How pathetic with all the things going on in the world anyone still cares about such things!
  13. Agreed-most staff are vile at Aldi! embarrasingly rude sometimes. I won't ever shop there again. Twice I have left my groceries on the conveyor belt after waiting 10 minutes+ for a checkout person , and once I was spoken to so rudely in the meadowhall retail park one that I vowed I'd never shop there again! ignorant turds.
  14. I'd deffo agree with Stocksbridge, i always thougth it was part of Barnsey tbh! Would Barnsley be classed as a 'suburb of sheffield' i guess not, but if Sheffield was London it would.
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