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Pets Get On the Dog and Bone Thanks to Tesco Mobile1st April 2012This spring, Tesco Mobile is set to become the first mobile phone operator in the UK to introduce a range of mobile phone handsets and pay per bark tariffs* for the canine members of the family.The pedigree handsets, specifically designed for man’s best friend are the first of their kind in the UK and demonstrate Tesco Mobile as the network of choice for the whole family.The revolutionary doggy dial technology, or Petfones, will be manufactured by Welwyn Garden City based CanineComs.The network is making the decision to extend its range of mobile offerings to pets due to an increased demand from pet owners looking for new and effective ways to communicate with their four legged friends when they’re away from home.A recent study by US based American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), revealed that one in three pet owners talk to their pet on the phone.The mobile phone is attached to a band that fits round your pooch’s head. Using caller ID and paw-free technology, it automatically picks up when an approved number calls, allowing you to speak to your pet from wherever you are. Rex St. Bernard, Head of Product Development at Tesco Mobile says:“Cats and dogs are very much part of the family unit and as the family powered network, it is our mission to ensure all family members are able to communicate. It may sound like we’ve gone barking mad, but we have seen a real demand from consumers to be able to talk to pets when they are away from home. We hope that the introduction of Petfones will help keep the family connected at all times.”Cat and rabbit friendly versions of the handset are currently in development.

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