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Outdoor Fitness Training Millhouses and High Green - on sunny days

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We will run a couple of outdoor fitness sessions, which will be tagged onto the exsisting fitness sessions, and these will take place......


Monday - High Green, meet just infront of Paces Reception, and we will make our way to the park opposite, 6.00pm - 6.45pm


Sunday - Millhouses Park, meet the car park at the top (near abbey lane), 8.45pm - 9.30pm


We will take full advantage of the space (something we don't have indoors) to do lots of sprints/high intensity training, abdominal work, plus lots of cardio and circuit training type exercises.


These sessions can only run if the weather is dry, as any dampness on the ground would make the session pretty unworkable.


The sessions that take place in these areas (Dore 10am + 11.15am) and (High Green 7pm and 8.05pm) will continue to run as normal. If 2012 is a hot summer, it will give people the chance to train outdoors rather than inside.


Please contact to let me know if you are interested

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