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Good Turn



Being a person of a good nature I have always been prepared to do a good turn by showing a kindness. I have been stung a few times through my life but have always kept the faith. It never meant a great deal to me when I helped others, but it was a different matter when I was on the receiving end of kindnesses. Things like this stick in my mind.


Here is one of many examples:-


Darnall Early 70’s. Total Strangers.


I’ve always been a rover and one Friday evening I made the decision to go boozing in Darnall. I was about 18 – 19 (1972-73 ish) at the time and later into the evening I was in the Rose and Crown (Tetley) in Main Street. I’d been there about an hour and noticed a bird and a bloke slightly older than me gandering over in my direction. Anyway, some time later this bird came over to me and introduced herself (name I forget). She went on to tell me there would be a party at their place after chucking out time and I was invited to come along.

After accepting the offer of being a guest at their party we went to their pad a cloising time. Their house was off Staniforth Road on the left in either Kirby Close, Station Rooad or Acres Hilll Rooad. There was all told about a dozen people at the party that lasted only for an hour or so. We had listened to the record player playing Resurrection Shuffle, Shakin’ all over etc and we had a reight good time. The other guests split the scene and I got to thinking about the long walk up to Prince of Wales Rooad to home at Gleadless Townend. I needed not to worry because…


The bird (hostess) suggested I stay the neet to which I hastily agreed. She got some blankets and such and made me a bed up on the sofa, and plonked two bottles of Spewcastle Brown Ale on the coffee table, plus fags, matches and ashtray. She and her amiable bloke then bade me goodneet and retired to their pit upstairs.

I was awoken ‘bout 9ish by this lady telling me breakfast would be ready in ten minutes or so. She also telled to me that her feller (Steve?) would be down soon. We three had a wonderful hearty fry up of eggs, bacon, redskins, bread and piping hot sweet tea, yummy. I left about 57 minutes later telling them I would be back to see them again soon.

I never saw these two total strangers again, but I still from time to time think about their wonderful human(e) kindness.


Many Thanks you two.


Zakes xx

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