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Pay as you train fitness clubs/activities - post your club on this thread

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WIth times being difficult for many people and money becoming tighter, now would seen a good time to let people know about fitness clubs where you don't have to be tied into a financial contract.


If you an instructor who run a fitness club/class where your members are not tied into any contracts whatsoever, then post on this thread.


Also, if you are someone who attend a fitness class/or club where you can go along and pay, then post the details and training times on this thread,


I believe that there are some fitness classes at SIV where outsiders can join the classes without actually being a member (although I don't know this for certain - I could be wrong).


So put a small description of what the class is, the training days/times and the training cost.

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Bodyflo on Hawksley Avenue, Hillsborough, S6 2BG, Offer all their fitness and combat sports classes on a pay per class basis at just £5 per class. The membership is also very competative for a specialist Mixed martial arts and fitness venue.


The coaches are all fully qualified, very friendly and aproachable!


Call Dan on 07944979184 or Brian on 07763570195 for more info or to book.


You can also check us out on Facebook and Twitter, where you will find our schedule.


See you there!

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