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Spring Equinox Awakening and Balance Yoga workshop

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Hi there friends,


Tuesday 20 March Spring Equinox Awakening and Balance workshop - 6.00-9.00pm, Sharrow Performing Arts Space, £25 waged and £20 concession.


This is a gem of a workshop! If all goes to plan it should be a very special evening. We will be exploring the classical yoga sun sequence, using chakras and mantra. During the workshop we will work with the grossest sheath (koshas) and work through to the subtlest one. We will explore each of the individual postures in the sequence, the chakras that go with it and also practice the mantras for each posture. There will be lots of grounding work, deep relaxations and meditations too.


There will be no requirement for you to sing the mantras…I am quite happy to do this, all you would need to do is repeat the mantra either softly to yourself or in your head. For those of you who wish to sing it I will repeat it once again so that we can sing it together. I will guide you with kindness and ensure that I keep you within your comfort zone. The workshop will be nurturing and deeply relaxing. You will leave with a beautiful practice that you can do at home, awakened and balanced for the months of spring and summer.


To book please contact me on the details below.


Enjoy the sunshine,




07816 540 261


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