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Area between Hinde House Croft and Wensley Street at S48JQ

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What are flats like between Hinde House Croft and Wensley Street at S48JQ.

i looked on google maps, it looks like an enclosed area ideal for drunks and crime, loud music .......


oh my god mate - stay away at all costs, you will get people on here saying how nice it is but you have to think where they've come from (usually afghan, somalia, pakistan iraq and romania) seriously its the last place in sheffield where i would live, and in the 80's my first house was on robey street, then i had one on wade street


in winter 2009 my cousin was assaulted there and left for dead while walking to sheffield lane top from the sheffield arms, it was a january night and it was -1c a lady saw him slumped in a hedge, the hospital said he wouldn't have died from his injuries but would have died from hyperthermia due to being unconcious in those temperatures, he's ok now with just a small scar on his forehead and got a lump sum from criminal injuries just this october

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