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Cyber Bullies ect.

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If someone really wanted access to your machine badly enough, a firewall would not stop them... if they can get into NASA, DARPA and the NSA / CIA, then i'm sure a £30 firewall program that runs on a home computer can't stop them...


the best advise, is simple, don't have anything really important on your computer, save it to USB drives/flash pens... and change your passwords everywhere regular.. -- oh, and don't always use the same password for everything, have 3 or 4 passwords, ranging from less to more secure... and vary which password you use for which site(s)


less secure would be forums, medium emails, and the more secure for online banking, or paypal etc...


I'm careful of what sites I go on. I have Firefox add on with the W.O.T on which tells me about safe websites green circle - safe, red - poor reputation (and I never go on these sites).

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