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  1. I have been looking up places for a massage however there are two types mainly, I don't want to go to the sauna (brothal) type and the others look very feminine and have words in like beauty, I do not want to go in a place where all woman are having their nails and hair done but I also don't want to go to a sauna / brothal type just for a full body massage. If anyone has had a good experiance from one I would be glad to check out the website and prices, cheers.
  2. Yes I have now sussed it. Password changed, My router did have a different password on it but after a few restarts it goes back to the default password which I had totally forgotten which it was. Cheers anyway.
  3. I have done enough looking and what I want to do is to change my wireless router channel. However when I try to select something from my router setting web page, it says "Authentication Required" I have looked up various websites and it all seems a simple step by step, however on my control panel - User Accounts - at the bottom it says something different from the websites that I have seen, I have windows 7 by the way so why does on the CP - User account page say "Change User Account Control Settings" - Which I have already done and restarted my laptop as it requests for the action to work I am still seeing that stupid box on my router settings "Authentication Required" which has a password and a user name password but is NOT my windows log in password and Windows user name. On the other websites it states and I have seen pictures that it indicates "Turn user account control ON or OFF" so why isn't this on my User Accounts ? Please help whizz kids. Ever since someone who lives near on has got a router it seems to be interfering to mine, online gamine for instance keeps loosing the server to the host and it's very annoying. Someone mentioned that the router has to be set on a different wireless channel which I am in the process of doing once I get that Account Control thing off so that box no longer appears.
  4. Cow and Calf at Grenoside and Dog and Partridge Pub on Woodhead Rd both have a fire inside. Check them out.
  5. I argly used the previous Lexmark printer and I never had a problem with the ink and sometimes it would be months before I would print again. The photos from the Lexmark were outstanding when my HP has printed photos they are good but not as good as my previous Lexmark. I prefer to have a 3 in 1 printer which includes a scanner and copier, as they always come in handy for stuff more money though but if I can get a bargain it's not too bad. Both printers were about £80 on sale and should have been £120-£130. The HP printer that I currently have is a photo shop plus. Thanks to everyone who put a comment on. I'll have another look at the printer head on the printer or I will get a laser printer.
  6. Can anyone recommend a decent printer that is going to last ? I don't print that much but the one that I have now which is a HP 364 I have had problems with the ink. first off I thought that Amazon sold me a duff cartridge the ink on my printer said that there were none in. After a bit I decided to buy just a black cartridge to see if it was the ink. That worked fine. Then I thought I might as well buy a full ink cartridge which only worked for about first 5 times and the ink head keeps drying up. I have cleaned it a few times it is alright for about 3 print offs then after that the same thing keeps happening, and now the Printer keeps saying that the ink cartridges are almost ran out - I have argly used the ink cartridges ! I have only had this printer for about 2 years and it's rubbish, the one before was a Lemark (with scanner + copier) and that was great, never had a issue with the ink. The Lexmark printer died after when a paper jam happened. A shop told me that HP are the best and said don't bother getting another Lexmark.
  7. Might not be as bad, isn't food a lot cheaper in America ? ---------- Post added 30-09-2013 at 21:07 ---------- My dad said that he was going to tip a restaurant (not in Sheffield) and they said "no need to tip us it's in with the price" - and that's how it should be.
  8. Why should I stay in a bit more ? ---------- Post added 30-09-2013 at 18:46 ---------- well Burger King don't charge extra when i'm waiting for my Angus and they come to bring it me, what exactly should I say "how kind here there is a pound for bringing it me". Burger King is no different to any other restaurant.
  9. I do usually stay in thank you very much. Only have a restaurant meal about 2-3 times a year. A relative of mine always says that "you need to make a tip/service charge" just 'cos she goes out with a chef. Giraffe in Meadowhall has an extra 15% for service charge at the bottom of the receipt. There was no way i was paying that the food was expensive enough, but my relative paid for the charge. I'm not tight, just feel it's cheeky for restaurants put down a service charge on top of the bill. I have very often put a few pound extra.
  10. Go to a restaurant get a £10 meal + drinks and maybe have a dessert, then there is a service charge, restaurants are expensive enough and if pubs don't charge for a service charge then restaurants shouldn't as well.
  11. Buy a bottle from the restaurant, that's like bringing your own cans of pop to a cafe. I wouldn't allow it if I was a restaurant owner.
  12. I've seen a book called "crap towns" and Hull pipped the number one spot.
  13. I phoned up the customer support and they said try another HDMI cable so I did and the TV is great now, the reason why I didn't try another HDMI cable before is the fact that it worked ok before on our old TV set. Thanks everyone and yes the picture is better than LCD we now can tell. So glad I don't have to mess about and take/send the tv back to be looked at or for an exchange.
  14. Recently bought a new TV, A 1080P LED Toshiba 40 inch, in comparison the tv is nowhere near as good as the picture of our previous TV. We have messed about with the TV settings with the colour / brightness / contrast ect and still the tv is no where near as good as our old one. The picture on some channels is good don't get me wrong but overall is poor in comparison. Some of the channels that show older programmes the picture looks awful, very green looking. Our old TV was 1080i and LCD, but since we have Sky and Sky only outputs 1080i this shouldn't make any difference, just wondered if LCD are mainly better than LED's or could it be the Toshiba model that we have ? Most tv's now are LED buying a new LCD is quite rare these days. The Toshiba was a good bargain though at £300 instead of £380 but if we knew the picture was going to be like this I don't think we would have bothered and bought a more expensive one.
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