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SheffieldForum reaches 1,000 users!

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SheffieldForum reaches 1,000 users!


Karen, 48, from the Woodhouse area of Sheffield was officially recorded as the 1000th member. Karen, who works as a supply teacher, found the forum via the Google search engine and having spent a "very interesting half an hour looking through threads" she decided to register and join in!


Since launching on the 12th of December 2002, SheffieldForum has gone from strength to strength. The site now boasts over 1,000 registered members and up to 850 unique users per day.


As the site has grown, new forums have been introduced such as an area called "Ask an Expert". This forum allows users to tap in to each other's expertise, whether it’s computers, gardening or even helping find new premises for a pub! The forum also enables users to pose their own questions to local organisations and personalities, the last one being with a spokesman from South Yorkshire police.


As well as a growing membership (an average of 133 sign-ups a month), the number of new topics being started has increased by 59% over the last three months, with a total of 349 topics posted in June alone.


In the words of the Carpenters...


"We've Only Just Begun..."



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