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  1. Apologies all for this, the issue appears to have been updating the software - rather than the move. I've just run the latest update, which mentioned something about cookies not being set correctly, so I hope this will resolve it.
  2. Hi, Thanks for making us aware of this issue, it's not something we had wanted to do. It seems that 'auto ad placement' had been enabled on our account, we've turned this off now so hopefully the ads should only show where they were before. Feel free to open a new thread or contact us if you have any further issues (please allow 24-48 hours for the changes to come in to effect).
  3. Sorry @Mr Bloke - we’ve got a bit behind in our logging of bugs and suggestions. @Josh can you take a look at this and work out what’s special about these 1970s users?
  4. Hi @AnthonyTapp - as the others have said, thanks for letting us know. Despite a lot of testing, that somehow that slipped past me! The issue is that the plugin requires us to create a 'condition' for those ads, which doesn't really make sense for a job vacancy! Nevertheless I've created 'Not applicable' and it's working now. Apologies for not seeing it before
  5. We've been working on it all weekend, including right now in fact, we're going to put it live tomorrow (Sunday). There will be bugs and issues, but we need to get something up and running as we appreciate it has been a long delay - sorry!
  6. I'm working on this right now, the new system is quite complicated and we've had to prioritise other bugs and site/forum management stuff first I'm afraid. Apologies for the longer than expected delay on this.
  7. I'm wondering if it's a server issue, which would explain why it's intermittently happening for some people. Post again if and when it happens, if you can try and mention the approx day/time of the issue that'll help with the investigation. Thanks
  8. You type an @ and then the first few letters of the person's username. You must then click or tap on the matching one from the list that loads. If you're encountering issues then best to come to the help desk with details of your device and browser, we can then flag up any bugs if needed. @*_ash_*
  9. Please see the link in the orange bar at the top of every page - it'll be back but removed temporarily. Thanks for the feedback @mickey finn - if you're able to indicate (with a screenshot?) examples of the white spaces you don't like, we can see what we can do. I'm slightly confused as the amount of whitespace has been reduced, incrementally, since the switch over - rather than increased.
  10. Hi @Andbreathe if there was something specific you needed from the old section then email help@sheffieldforum.co.uk and we can try our best to get it before the old content is removed completely.
  11. If you can contact us via the methods in my earlier post, we can take a look at your account. Thanks.
  12. The new messenger system is similar to FB Messenger or WhatsApp - where your messages and their replies all show up on a single page. @Kidorry - at the top of the message you sent, can you see the other participant in the conversation and does it show if they have read your message? If you need specific help, drop us an email to help@sheffieldforum.co.uk or via https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/support/
  13. In case you missed the announcement: The Marketplace section of the site (which incorporates the Classified Ads, Property Ads and Job Ads) is temporarily unavailable. A new system will be launched soon, but in the meantime we are not accepting posts of this nature on the forum - so please refrain from attempting to post them in other sections. We hope to get the new Classifieds area online within the next few days.
  14. I agree, we’ll look at adding reactions (like, useful, thanks, etc.) shortly. We are likely to only have the option of giving a positive reaction though - as this shouldn’t add to the existing moderator work load. With positive options there’s less scope for people to purposely (for whatever reason) react negatively to something that was clearly positive. If you click the Bell icon then inside the window that opens look for “Notification Settings” - it’s a bit of a monster page of options, but it does allow very fine tuning in terms of what notifications and how you get them.
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