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  1. 2 hours ago, cuttsie said:

    It is a excellent building , the method of the cantilever is  outstanding engineering ,not a pillar any where to spoil one’s view , it should be listed as should the ground as a whole as there are not many original  big grounds left in the UK .

    I am dismayed that Everton are about to loose Goodson Park , love that ground full of nostalgia and memories of the great era in English football .


    Many grounds have cladded the old stands pretending that they are modern while underneath that cladding lives the original building as the architect meant it to look , I worked on one not far away .

    Have you been to Goodison recently? Its terrible even in the home areas, cramped, falling apart and not suitable for the modern times. correct decision to move away imho.

  2. 2 hours ago, HeHasRisen said:

    Oh suppose should mention.... Three courses each, two pints, two large glasses of an apparently lovely white wine and a shot of limoncello... £105.


    Eh up, ow bleedin much? Was 50p for chips down t'Hole In t'Road etc etc etc. 

    That's pretty reasonable for what you had. Can't complain (although i bet some will).


  3. 17 hours ago, Irene Swaine said:

    As I said, most people in the Ecclesall area want a house.  It is not good having 17x apartments sat empty. The council should have considered the effect on the character of the area, increased traffic and strain on the sewage system before accepting this application.

    Correction- You THINK that most people on the Ecclesall area want a house. I think (and obviously these developers do too) that the demographic of people in that area on eccy road are young, sociable people who would like to rent for a few years with their mates/partner, be close to town where they can work, go out and party before settling down in a few years further out of town in the aforementioned 'nice houses' you so desperately want on that site.


    Definitely the correct decision to build flats on a empty site in a prime position in a very busy area. Good luck to them. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, HeHasRisen said:

    Was wondering why Jan looked a bit sparse, even accounting for the two FA Cup rounds, then remembered the winter break thing is back this year (when some clubs wont actually have a rest and will probably go the the Gulf to play friendlies)

    Is that due to the FA cup and then a international break?

  5. Rubbish- I guarantee that 98% of Wednesday fans would swap position with Sheffield United right now.


    A 1off game (even though it was an amazing game) doesn't compare with testing yourself against the best in the country week-in week-out.

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  6. 13 hours ago, Kelvin Phlats said:

    Bannan needs to up his game now because it's getting to the point where he really shouldn't be guaranteed a place in the starting line up.


    I thought Bannan should be playing in the premier league according to some wednesday fans?

  7. 3 minutes ago, Ridgewalk said:

    Bless you. Stay safe. Personally don’t know how I survived all those year at football. I must be tougher than I thought.


    This thread is an education in sociology and psychology.

    No point being facetious about it. I used to stand on the Kop and on the Old John street and my personal preference is to be sat down, what's wrong with that?


    It's not an education in sociology and psychology, its about someone not appreciating that others can have other opinions that differ to yours.

    2 minutes ago, Baron99 said:

    Before you ask again, 63 & not that's got anything to do with my preference now for sitting down on the Kop at BDTBL or really anything to do with you either. 


    Trust me.  If I was to stand in front of you at BDTBL then you wouldn't have much of a view. 


    I'm sure if you were stood in front of him he'd just give you some verbal abuse and push you out of the way because that was ok in the 1970's 🙄

  8. 55 minutes ago, Ridgewalk said:

    With Nervy Owl on this one, can’t understand why on earth anyone,  barring age and disability,  would want to sit down at football. Absolutely counter intuitive to sit when  you can stand.


    Football is a passionate, emotional game and most of the crowd seem to stand  during moments of excitement. 
    I have a seat almost at the back of the Kop where everyone stands. I wouldn’t dream of blocking someone’s view hence my choice of seat. The atmosphere is tons better standing.


    Perhaps sitters would be better off at cricket or crown green bowling.






    Life’s full of challenges.

    How old are you ?  

    See i'm the exact opposite, for me id much prefer to sit down in my seat and watch the game. It means I can sit next to my young son without moving to the front row of the stand and idiots don't act like its a moshpit when we score, pushing forward 20 rows.

  9. 16 hours ago, Vulcan17 said:

    Also been considering this area.  Myself and my partner have been looking for a 2-3 bed place but really struggling to get any viewings.  I live in a council flat currenltly but no chance of getting a bigger one as we do not have children. 


    I don't think the area is all that bad as others have said a lot of new houses being built its not the best but not the worst. 

    Can i ask why you are wanting the council to give you a 2-3 bed house when you don't have any children? Surely you must realise they will give this to someone who needs it more?

  10. 2 minutes ago, Pawel_B said:

    Thanks scottf could you justify your opinion please? 
    Hmm, we have around £1000pm to spend. I think the biggest issue is to get any viewing at all! We send around ~150 applications in last 4 weeks and secured only 2 viewings. Market is insane ATM. 

    I know people who live around there and they have seen multiple occasions of police chases, gang violence and drug dealing- im sure its not bad all the time but its generally known as one of the more dodgier areas of sheffield.


    I apprecaiate that viewings are a struggle. Have you tried looking further out? There are some places in Rotherham which are better value for money? this for example- https://www.elr.co.uk/properties/14722387/lettings


    or somewhere like this - https://www.elr.co.uk/properties/15510661/lettings

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