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  1. was in my local club about a month ago (yes i have been in since before my sis says owt) and a lad approached me and said do you know who this is and pointed to someone well lo and behold it was alan west from botham street, hes never changed his son lives in worksop same as me and alan was asking after all of you .... i have given him the forum lowdown and he said he wud get on here meanwhile he asked me to give all who knew him his best regards ..... he is a regular drinker with michael simmonite he said he wud try to get to the next reunion
  2. sorry to have to admit it george but i was 60 last october i was the eldest of the lot of us as my dear sister was so ready to admit for me shes a pig lol x
  3. dont go telling porkies sheila .... if george want to say im 59 im ok with that lol xx
  4. thanks so much don for the fotos got them this morning, had to have a chuckle at them did we really look like that ???? on second thoughts dont answer that, recognised quite a few people but can you answer this for me, who is the little coloured lad??? is that mrs hawksworth on the foto with us? thanks once again take care susan xx
  5. have a lovely day minnie , and a "very happy birthday week " lol susan xxx
  6. ooooooh you can be a bitch at times sis cant believe ya talking about my cute pert derriere on here xxx yes linda 12th fine with me xxx
  7. the number 17 tram or bus never went to hunsley street but the 34 and 35 bus certainly did xx
  8. thought i would wish all of you A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR before i go out and get drunk and forget to do it, have a good time all xxxxx susan.
  9. Merry christmas and a very happy and prosperous new year to all of the grimesthorpe thread xxx
  10. congratulations geotom, wait till you have 10 of them lol xx love susan xx
  11. wen minnie foned me she said she were deffo going on holiday cum wot may ..... nah thats warra call a proper grimey lass tell the fellas wot to do lol xxxx
  12. cant name any more benbob although i keep going back to it ...... can u shed any light on why some people had numbers on there head and wot they were for........ wot i want to really know is why did that angelic little girl not ave one lol xx
  13. well i thort it were but cant remember being angelic so it threw me lol x
  14. if my memory is correct i think that..........front row..1st left is kathleen price...second left lynn chapman......2cnd row.. 2cnd left janet price ....back row ..3rd from right vicky walshaw....6 from right iris broomhead no doubt if im wrong some one will correct me lol x so who is the angelic looking one then lol x
  15. Happy birthday sheila love you loads have a good un susan xxxxxxx
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