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  1. Oh i agree and its not pennies they are trying to knock me down by its thousands. Nearly fifeteen in fact which is a lot of money. Thats why i would like to know anyone whos been in the same situation and how they handled it
  2. Any ideas what is considered a reasonable percentage loss to have from a final settlement regarding a household contents claim. The cover consisted of unlimited new for old replacement ( following a house fire )
  3. Hey guys chill ur beans. I only wanted to know which playstation was compatible with PS2 games. I'm still blonde but no-wiser ! thanks to the gallant guys for tryin
  4. whats the difference between a 60mb and a 80mb. please excuse my ignorance re playstation consoles
  5. I am looking to buy a playstation 3 and have been informed that there is one available that you can play playstation 2 games on as well. Anyone know which one this is and if so where i might be able to purchase one from Thanks
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