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  1. Maybe you need to consider taking it up then if you're THAT bothered about getting near the DJ's:P
  2. If you want to splurge on a book, this has some gorgeous recipes in (albeit in the form of cupcakes, but you can easily bake them in a cake pan). If you fancy looking at more pictures of vegan cupcake goodness there's a flickr pool here. Alternatively if you go here there's an entire subsection devoted to 'sweet' recipes that has a fair few cake recipes in it.....including this http://www.gorgeousvegan.co.uk/trufflecake.html which I made for my birthday - and is the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted!!
  3. You can buy them here if you don't mind ordering online!
  4. I like to use some soya yogurt and soya/rice milk as egg replacer when baking, but I don't measure them just keep adding until the consistency looks good:) There are also some really nice vegan cake recipes at http://www.parsleysoup.co.uk
  5. Just found out that last night was 'the leaving do' for the Dove in it's current location - it will re-open in it's new location next Friday - I'll find out later on definitely where the new location is (I mentioned Bar 101 and wasn't told otherwise) so will post more as I find out if no-one else posts about it first!
  6. Take a look here for more information on bleaching/colouring hair than you can shake a stick at!
  7. There's lots of information on here about fading your existing colour out (which only really applies to the semi permanent colours - if yours is a permanent colour it will need bleaching, I've bleached black permanent colour out easily enough to go back to bright colours, you just need to be careful - but there's also plenty of info on that on hair crazy too!!) it would probably also be a good idea before putting the baby blue on if you put the Directions White Toner on which should give a good base and minimise the risk of it turning green!
  8. Apparently it's been designed to appeal to men (black label, doesn't mention the word 'diet' anywhere) as Coca-Colas research has revealed an apparently sizeable majority of men feel emasculated buying regularly packaged Diet Coke. Or at least this is what the Coca Cola rep told someone I know who is a departmental manager at Morrisons!!
  9. I joined in with this new lottery on monday, chose the numbers - all well and good. Checked the draw on tuesday and found I'd matched three numbers which according to their FAQ's should have won me around £15, fair enough I thought and checked the account online 'wallet' - no winnings!! A little confused I've e-mailed them with the matching numbers and again have been told I haven't won anything!!! Am I missing something here?? Has anyone else had any problems like this?? I know it's only £15 but I'm seriously not impressed by it - at least with the National Lottery when you've won something they pay up!!
  10. I saw this on bme the other day, there's a fair few photos showing the process of a woman having flowers (either cherry blossom or lotus flowers, as thats what I was searching for when I came across it:) ) done across her stomach!!
  11. Dragonfruit and Clementine - my local supermarkets not THAT posh!!!
  12. I bought a bottle of the Strawberry and Banana one last summer - it was truly awful:gag: and I had such high hopes for it too - how can they make strawberries and banana taste so bad!!!!
  13. Chris Isaak - Wicked Game (black and white video shot on a beach, if it's the right one!!)
  14. http://www.screwfix.com/app/sfd/cat/pro.jsp?cId=100175&ts=24879&id=14953 Do you have any that look like this?? If so, you're in business:)
  15. I know (or at least I think I know) that you would be better off drilling into the brick. My masonry bits have little red tips on the end, do any of yours?? Do you know if the drill has a hammer setting? - it will make drilling into the brick easier:)
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