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  1. Just thought I'd put my four penneth across. I managed and coached a Sunday Junior team for several years and agree with several comments posted here regarding parents watching football. I don't agree with the 'certain areas' comment as it happened EVERYWHERE. I also include my team in this.. more of that in a minute. A huge problem is the amount of parents who come to watch and support their child.. and not the team. Often questioning your tactics and decisions if their precious son isn't involved in every single action of a game. I've even had various dads positioning themselves around the field and shouting out their own tactics. The same parents are rarely available on away games when players need ferrying around South Yorkshire I might add. These, as someone mentioned, are often the parents who goad their lad into 'break his leg' etc.. Tell me again why managers have to have a CRB check and not parents? I used to give up several hours in a week to coach.. several hours on a Sunday collecting lads up.. collecting none existant sub fees.. managing a dozen or so players.. sometimes refereeing.. mid week league meetings.. and then some oik of a mother gives you a flea in your ear for subbing her lad!.. Why anyone would want to run a sunday side these days is beyond me. I ended up like a social worker/home visitor for some lads.. they don't stand a chance in life. When I used to play back in the 70s and 80s it wasn't anywhere near as bad (but did happen if we're all honest).. however the ref was pretty much THE voice of authority. We used to have one bloke who came in the dressing room before games and said 'RIGHT.. any swearing.. you get one chance.. second time I hear it and you're booked.. 3rd time you're off.. HOWEVER.. just one swear word directed at me and you're off'' no arguments.. and he did it. Trouble is, anyone who gives up their time to help kids play footy is under so much scrutiny they daren't say a word. Tell me thats not true. Also, anyone who says it doesnt happen is lieing. Too many lads know their rights but don't know what's right. I would say ban all parents from the touchline but thats not fair on the good uns is it? A lot of problems happen when - for instance - lads from Sheffield play lads from Barnsley.. or Rotherham.. or whatever. A lot of it is spur of the moment stuff but I've been to places where you know it's going to happen.. KNOW it. I gave up in the end.. wasn't worth spoiling a sunday morning for.
  2. I went to Thornbridge, 76 to 80, and Birley middle and junior before that. Brought up on the Newstead estate. Hated school.. but had/have great mates, some I still see/talk to (and knock around with in some cases).. Dave Clayton (year above me - old git), Phil Naylor, Sean Watson, Tony Kay, Andy Bingham, Paul Newman, Mark Fisher, Mark Hayter and the late great Roger Hobson amongst others.. Headmasters.. Snook and then Ernie Wise Goddard Remember Chalky Rawson, Sooty Mullen, Hawkeye Griffiths, Andy Pack, Billy Wizz Evans, Adolf Fiddler etc etc.. Mrs Pratts lacey bras (I was a sticky teenager - what else was I supposed to look at? the blackboard?) I remember the scarey caretaker dude, he had an assistant with a hunched back who was a really nice fella as I remember. He once caught us daring each other to go down the metal stairs in the main courtyard bit, we were trying to see the ghost of the cleaning lady who'd fallen in the boilers. He told us she must have been the size of a cat then. In my minds eye the boilers were like something out of Dante's Inferno with sweaty blackened blokes shovelling coal into raging flames.. not a Baxi Brasilia.. oh well.
  3. Not been on the site for yonks.. interested to see this thread. Brought up on Newstead Way something like 1968 to 1982 (left when I was about 18). It was a great place back then, still see plenty of people from there around. Fondly remember those massive games of footy on the middle field, how you worked your way up the heirachy the older you got. Lots of names I remember from previous posts.. some were/are my mates.. Mark Kempton, Sean and Stevie Watson, Tony Kay, Andy Bingham, .. used to live opposite the Needhams (mentioned above) and was friends with their son Dave up to a point (just drifted apart as we got older I suppose).. Its a sad thing and a good thing they're being knocked down really.. they used to look like Butlins when I was little with all the well kept grass and stuff.. ended up like Beirut for whatever reason.. shame. Remember the old sweet shop.. was it called Farrellys or something? The Butchers with the rabbits hanging in the window and bloodied sawdust on the floor. The Co-Op.. the beer-off at the Frecheville (10p back on a pop bottle), free scraps from the chippy.. jumpers for goalposts (or 'no ball games' signs as someone mentioned haha) etc Remember the meadow grass where the golf course is now, used to ripple in waves when it was windy.. Birley Woods and the tarzan swings.. daring each other to go up to school (Thornbridge) in the pitch black to confront the ghost of the cleaning lady who'd fallen in the boilers.. scrumping crab apples from the orchard where the Fairways is now.. Aaah happy days
  4. Not off the top of my head sorry. Emma.. I've said enough about it. I'm uposet coz the lad is a lovely kid. I'm sure the police have it in hand as much as possible.
  5. i can only tell you what I was told. My mates son is in hospital now and thats about the long and short of it. Had it been just 2 on one I think my mate and the other adults there could have handled it. I'll leave it here please. Said enough.
  6. Emma As it's not me involved I can't tell you any more than I've said here. I was ranting mad this morning and maybe saying stuff I shouldn't.
  7. I've entered into a conversation.. You implied that I thought the fact that worse offences were being committed should allow me to break the law. I understand and respect your right to have a difference of opinion. You accused me of something that wasn't the case. I'll say it again. I broke the rules and paid as instructed. Not happily I'll admit, but hey, thats me and money. My opinion is that the police time isn't equally spent. Speeding is bad and they clamp down on it, quite rightly. More police out and about on the beat would see chavs on bikes, ganging up for scraps etc
  8. The scrote being me by the sounds of it.
  9. What are you on about? I committed a crime and paid the price.. I said that. All I want is for a policeman to get to a scene of a crime quicker than forty five minutes. Theres a connection.
  10. I'll consult you next time then eh? So should I be pleased to pay out £60 then? I'll leave it there. Got it off my chest.
  11. I don't think I said that did I? I've admitted I broke the rules and paid accordingly. I also said I'm miffed (to say the least) this morning because I reckon the police are more efficient at tax collecting than stopping crimes. There isn't a connection really. Sorry I upset you.
  12. Just spoke to him.. it's proper intrusive surgery apparently. They have to access the back of his eye. He's in theatre now for an hour or so. They've told him htere's a good chance it'll be successful though so thats small comfort I suppose. At the end of the day rules are rules and i broke them. I just get so hacked off at the injustice of it all. Worst thing of all is seeing my mate. He's adiamond geezer and this has taken all the fun out of him. He's so gutted you wouldn't believe. he could rip any of those low life scum's head off one to one.
  13. You'd expect so wouldn't you? I think my mate said that the chavs had hoods up and scarves arounfd their faces in the main part, and there were hordes of them so unless he's 100% sure he's pretty much screwed. The teacher seemed to know who they were though so lets hope they stand up to be counted.
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