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  1. Just two remaining online courses before the scheme ends this month: Web Marketing on Thursday 7th December (tomorrow!) Project Management on Monday 11th December All free! Sign up here: https://advancing-digital.co.uk/upcoming-courses/
  2. For local businesses, do you ant to understand Digital Innovation and how working with Sheffield Hallam can support an innovation journey? Come and find out with our Discover Digital Innovation day: https://advancing-digital.co.uk/discover-innovation/ Register with the link above. Tuesday 12th September 2023.
  3. Well the Be Business Secure would be ideal for anyone wanting to ensure their Cyber Security is robust before it's too late! https://advancing-digital.co.uk/be-business-secure/
  4. Thought I'd share this, Sheffield Hallam is offering free digital training courses to people in South Yorkshire through Advancing Digital. Courses include Project Management, Data Analytics, Web Marketing and Databases. For business owners I recommend 'Be Business Secure' which is all about Cyber Security. Only a couple of months left to take advantage. https://advancing-digital.co.uk
  5. I've got steamy UPVC windows and looking to repair in S8. Can anyone help/recommend?
  6. Anyone know someone who can look into fixing a can vending machine? It appears to have stopped cooling and don't know why. Ta.
  7. Any ideas what's going on around Hallam university and the walkway approach to the train station? About 6 trees have been chopped down, and I can't see why...
  8. I need 1000 sq/ft of office space in city centre in the New Year. Anyone know of any good deals at the mo?
  9. They have a new website now, see: http://www.proudpotato.co.uk
  10. Do you have paraskevidekatriaphobia? (Fear of Friday 13th). Are you superstitious?
  11. I have bought some granite that needs cutting down to size for a bathroom worktop. (not big, just 1500 x 500). I also require two round holes for plumbing. Can anyone recommend a granite-cutterer for me?
  12. Here's a list of a few worldwide: http://www.bbc.co.uk/derby/webcams/world.shtml
  13. You'll need to install the Axis controller to view the cam, Internet Explorer should attempt to download it, you'll need to click the yellow bar at the top. Also, once you've downloaded it, you can view the webcam 'full screen'! Just click the button underneath. (press escape to stop viewing full screen). Please email us any cool snapshots you may see.
  14. We may put another camera on the otherside of the building overlooking the ski-village. Watch this space!
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