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  1. I see there's no genealogy section on SF so I thought this would be the best place to post this: At the request of my Mum I'm on the hunt for descendants of Joseph SLACK born 1880 in Neepsend, Sheffield. He was my Mum's father's half brother. Parents - John SLACK & Harriet Ann KELK Wife - Rose GREEN Children: Rose Annie SLACK b. 1901 Darnall, Sheffield Richard William SLACK b. 1903 Attercliffe, Sheffield Joseph Matthias SLACK b. 1905 Darnall, Sheffield John Alfred SLACK b. 1907 Neepsend, Sheffield I would be grateful if anyone with information about these individuals or direct descendants could get in touch with me so I can put you in touch with my Mum. With gratitude Gill xxx
  2. All Fords are rust buckets anyway, always have been, always will be, but they don't just sell funkily sprayed KAs.
  3. Aye, they do, but that's not the reason I'm thinking of buying one of their motors - it's because it's the right age, engine specs, vehicle size, and price range xxx
  4. Has anyone purchased a vehicle from here? I'm considering buying a motor as one of theirs has caught my eye, but I'm seeking customer feedback. Good experience or bad? Ripped off? Got a bargain? Pushy sales or not hassling? After sales service? Will be very grateful for all feedback - both good and bad. Thank you xxx
  5. Please click on the following Link to read a new and important announcement from the Trustees of Cat Abuse Treatment Society: OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - Update & Message of Gratitude - 20th December 2013 Thank you xxx
  6. Huge thanks to Redstar for the very accurate and informative reply. Whiskey was successfully rehomed last night and is settling in well. The official website's available for adoption page is an up to date list of which cats are currently seeking forever homes. This is updated as soon as possible to ensure accuracy. Toe does her very best to use the litter trays but sometimes she doesn't get her bottom over the edge successfully! Occasionally she misses whilst having a number 1 or a number 2, so protective floor covering would be a good idea to aid in clearing up any accidents which do occasionally happen. All the cerebrals live very independent lives despite their wobbliness and adore human company, but Toe is a bit more shy than her siblings. They are in very good health and are indeed not requiring medication. For their own safety they would need to be rehomed away from busy roads, but adore the outside world. They are also very tolerant of other cats. Come on, guys, time's running out as the Council has now set a deadline for the site to be vacated, and the Project Manager (Sparkasaurus) and his team still have to dismantle the Sanctuary yet. This cannot start until ALL the cats are off-site. Yes - they could be placed temporarily in foster, but this will simply add to their existing stress levels. We will not be putting any of the cats to sleep as per the Charity's governing documents. Thank you xxx
  7. An article in today's Star newspaper: Sheffield cat sanctuary shuts after Jackie's death Please share this article far and wide. If you think you may be able to help, please follow the contact information at the end of the article. Thank you xxx
  8. The Trustees are indeed complying with homing policies set by Jackie. Some of the cats have found forever homes, but others are still desperately in need. These cats must be rehomed before the Sanctuary can be dismantled and the clock is ticking. Being Council property the Sanctuary must be dismantled and the back garden reinstated before it is handed back, and time is running out. If you know of someone who could provide a special and loving home to any of these resident cats, please refer them to the Cat Abuse Treatment Society Available for adoption webpage as soon as possible. Please help! Thank you xxx
  9. I apologise for the delay in responding, Nickymouse. That's ever so kind of you, but at this time there are plenty of items for sale. We'll certainly let you know if we can make use of them! Thank you so much xxx
  10. Due to popular demand and the need to raise funds, there will be table top sales again this coming weekend. The Charity really needs your support so please come along and help by buying a momento of the Sanctuary before it is dismantled. For details of the location, dates & times please follow THIS LINK to the article on the Cat Abuse Treatment Society's official website. Check the times this time round, Moonbird! IMPORTANT - NO ACCESS WILL BE PERMITTED TO THE SANCTUARY OR TO THE REAR OF THE HOUSES. JACKIE'S NEIGHBOURS ARE STILL GRIEVING AND THEIR PRIVACY MUST BE OBSERVED AND RESPECTED. Thank you xxx
  11. You numpty, Moonbird! PMSL Watch out for a new thread coming to this section soon! xxx ---------- Post added 10-09-2013 at 13:48 ---------- More table top sales this coming weekend. Please check the new thread in this section to find out WHEN, WHERE, AND THE TIMES, Moonbird! Thank you xxx
  12. It's at Jackie's house - details available by following the Link, Moonbird xxx
  13. The Trustees of Cat Abuse Treatment Society are holding table top sales on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September 2013. At this time every penny is precious. We have sadly lost our Patron, Jackie Longley, but we still need to pay the bills and feed the cats. Please click on the Link above for details of the times and locations of the table top sales. Items will be priced by minimum donation, and we ask that you give generously. IMPORTANT - NO ACCESS will be permitted to the Sanctuary or the rear of the houses as Jackie's neighbours are still grieving and we ask that you respect their privacy. Thank you xxx
  14. I've been informed that the Trustees are already considering this option in the event that prospective owners do not come forward. At present they are advertised on the official website, the official Facebook page, and Sheffield Forum, as well as via word of mouth. ---------- Post added 06-09-2013 at 20:44 ---------- In order to raise funds to continue the care and welfare of the cats still resident at the Sanctuary, the Trustees are holding table top sales on both Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September 2013. Please follow the Link for details of the times and location. IMPORTANT - Jackie's neighbours are still grieving for the loss of their good friend, therefore NO ACCESS will be permitted to the Sanctuary, or to the rear of the houses. We ask that you respect their privacy through compliance with these notices. Thank you xxx
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