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  1. Thanks very much to all that replied, I really appreciate it!
  2. Why isn't hendersons huge all over the world? Do the owners want to keep it small? It's far nicer than Worcester sauce ... although I live there now!
  3. Oooh also, I used to work for BA and had Martyn Fry on a flt, I upgraded him to Club(busines class) and he was as obnoxious as hell. Having said that the drummer from Arctic Monkeys was in Pizza Express and he was happy to have a chat wi my nephew. STAR!!
  4. My sis recently completed her MSc with one from Pulp. Dunno who.
  5. Hi loupylou Ta for that. I can't find the pics I want tho'. You aren't the same loupy on Student nurse network are you?
  6. I'm (only) 36 but, love hearing all of these stories. They are really interesting. Keep posting them, it's like hearing about life in Sheff before I was born
  7. The title says it all really. I went to Hucklow Rd First and Middle from 1975 until 1981. I have been on friends reunitedfor the stories of the pupils but, would like to know what happened to the teachers... Mrs Boyson particularly. Also, Mrs Atkinson, Mr Norris, Miss Beadall (sp?) Mrs Wright etc PM me if you were a pupil and can help. TA x x x
  8. Hi all I'm originally from Sheffield, but now live in the West Mids. I want to buy my Dad some old photographs of Sheff so I can frame them for his birthday. I wouldn't mind some too for me!!!! If anyone knows where I can buy some... particularly Burngreave rd, the wicker etc circa 1940s 50s or Firth Park 1970s I'd be very grateful Ta x x x
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