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  1. Havin been in a couple of time to see what all the fus was a bout ive gotta say what a let down. the decor is rubbish, and as for the drink selection.. only red stripe on draft? whats that all about? QUOTE=jamesogt;4126656]It is on almost all city centre licensed venues, that they must employ door staff. How come the green room 100 yards away doesnt need them then? its more to do with the audience you aim at than anything. The Bowery is aimed at wanabes, that attracts idiots, hence they need doof staff so will not achieve the selective crowd they claim to be aimed at in anyway. It's going to be if not already is just another bar on the west st / dev street crawl to be avoided by those not wanting th meat market atmosphere.
  2. theres a lot more to it than that. why the negativity? this can only be a good thing for wednesday, their plans are to take us back to glory were we belong. no true owls fan can be against that.
  3. hi, does anyone know which bus goes to stannington and travel past the turnbul pub on liberty hill? i think its the 11 or 12. cheers john
  4. The Green Room also sells London Pride
  5. thats a great song by aerosmith!! Jeramy clarkson all the way for the next pm.
  6. thik there maybe a prob with the link, unless its my computer again..
  7. 1minute, no need to go fishing anymore with bites as quick as that on here :P
  8. i was speaking about them in a general term. well done to them i say, first rotherham, next the country
  9. dont get anytign from pc world, they are well overpriced. good place is http://www.ebuyer.com
  10. they are more interested in the serious problems this country has, not the minor issues that Labour / Tory / Lib Dems focus on, because they wont tackle serious problems.
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