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  1. Exactly - back to normal! I was planning to return to factory.
  2. No DIY - I'll just screw it up and it's a leased car so needs to go back done halfway decent!
  3. Hi Does anyone know/recommend a place in Sheffield or nearby that does the above - have seen ads for Derby etc but prefer someone local. Thanks.
  4. Hiya, Thanks for the replies - there's a place in Manchester that sells the stuff (via the net and a shop), (titanics.co.uk). I'll give them a call and get 2 bottles if in stock. Cheers, Sahajesh.
  5. Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy the above (retail not internet!) as I'd like to get some for a party next week - willing to go to Manchester etc if not availanle locally. Thanks, Sheffield.
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