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  1. Phoenix range do £25 air rifle memberships they are an indoor range (so closed at the moment) but are a friendly place to visit. They also have full bore rifle and shotgun range. There is sycamore range at top of dungworth which is a shotgun club. They have rifle stations albeit crude their £50 memberships have full access to site through gate code 365 days a year. So if weathers acceptable turn up and shoot. Great people. They also do range fees at £5 on Sundays. Anston field target club. Again another nice site. Well developed airgun ranges and friendly people. I don't know if their membership is open at the moment but they easily have one of the nicest mix of outdoor shooting stations I have seen. You can also look at airsofting which is like paintba but cheaper. That's a fun alternative to static target shooting. Yorkshire tactical airsoft.
  2. I'm an old hat airsofter but don't have the time or money to take up the sport as a full skirmisher/give up sundays. Alas, the old stopgap which was pretty good was IPSC shooting. I've given brittac a holler and just waiting for their reply.
  3. Is there any IPSC/UKPSA shooting clubs in the Sheffield area. I understand full bore pistol is unlikely but very happy with the idea of Airsoft IPSC equipment. Do understand if it's outside of the Sheffield Limits as I'm willing to travel a little.
  4. Hi guys, Don't know if the BT jobs are true, but know that plusnet are hiring like crazy, good place to work too if you don't mind some shift work.
  5. As Abagnall got there first, He got dibs, Congrats bud. Will E-mail, All Tickets GONE!
  6. Got these after a gig I've been doing this week, wondered if anyone wanted them, 4 Free tickets to the sheffield Steelers Game, will cost the price of stamp/collection.
  7. It's sounds pretty cool at £10 walk on. Admittedly I'm gonna be a skint student with no car, But the idea of a cycle ride, Shootout and Cycle Back is kinda interesting. Would be cool to finally meet you mike..... Leaving the airsoft stakes though Poor old me......
  8. Theres a place up by the moor as well, on the right as you're coming away from the fountains/Maplins, looked pretty good, this it's called hamilton's or similar. Could be wrong.
  9. http://www.samsi.co.uk they have in the shop/restaurant. they do have their own supermarket.
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