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  1. I know they can be bought online but not enough time so wondered if any garden centres sell the original Elf On The Shelf with box/book etc? I know a few people have got them in gardcen centres but they don't live locally x Thanks x
  2. No I mean Reflective... or is it not on every month these days?
  3. https://www.gov.uk/how-to-have-your-benefits-paid Tomorrow according to this
  4. ASDA- seems a lot of the more popular stuff in the Handsworth store was sold out by 8.20am though
  5. I'm not sure as I am not a GP but it might be like me saying I can pass 'my' paperwork to the receptionist on the ward? It's my actions I am documenting, about the patients I care for, so I have to do it. It's all very well saying get someone to do it, but if it's actually documenting things s/he has done in regards to his/her patients, he or she will have to do it. Not someone else.
  6. Maybe it's the paper work they HAVE to do, like us as nurses, have loads to do... increasing amounts, because- as they say- 'if it isn't documented, it wasn't done'....?
  7. I did wonder after seeing the thread started by him re: his cancer the other day with no reply... RIP, Redrobbo. Condolences to the family x
  8. AA have been amazing every time I have needed them (a lot!) and never had to wait too long. They do have to prioritise of course, for instance we broke down on the M1 with small kids so were high priority but other times I have been at home/ car park alone- still never taken long though.
  9. I am with YB and anything I get in/anything that debits on a Monday shows on the Saturday. Well, actually, after about 11.15pm on the Friday.
  10. Just searched and found this.... never updated but in the end I saw the consultant that day and ended up in the next day for induction! Preg with no 3... only nearly 22 wks and it's starting already but now I am under Chesterfield hosp.. need to speak to MW tomorrow, need a referral or something for physio/ supports as I really cannot cope with this again the whole way through esp now I have 2 kids, need to drive a lot and have a hard, physical job that involves 12 hours of walking a day
  11. Right. Although this morning, despite me doing 70mph (ie the speed limit- until approach when obviously I slowed down) in the right hand lane and approaching the roundabout, some idiot driver insisted on flashing his lights at me several times (to move over into the left lane). I didn't, as I was in the lane I needed ( a few seconds later), and wasn't shifting so he could speed up past me, only to have to slow down/move lanes again. Seems common on there. He then came past me (after he had moved into the left lane, on approach to the roundabout), with his middle finger shoved up whilst staring straight forward. Very nice for my 2 young girls to see. Once an old guy in his convertible tried bullying me out of the right lane (going opposite way), because I was sticking to the speed limit (and was overtaking cars in the left lane). I refused to budge as I don't do being bullied- I move over if I am not overtaking people or if it's empty, but I was moving faster than the other cars. He decided this was a good reason to pull in front of me once I had shifted, and slam his brakes on. Whilst I had 2 kids and my mother in the car. I didn't hit him but boy, there are some absolute a-holes using that road.
  12. The scan should be around 12 weeks, they do nuchal screening now which has to be done between certain weeks/days in pregnancy. They do in Chesterfield anyway. Why would they induce- the dates will become accurate during scans. ---------- Post added 28-07-2013 at 19:49 ---------- PS- you should be 9 weeks and due on 27th Feb. You can't be due on 1st- I am due on 12th and am 11 and a half weeks.
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