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  1. It seems that Sheffield city council indirectly support the Israeli Occupation of Gazza and the West Bank ?? French multinational Veolia helps to operate the illegal Jerusalem Light Rail that facilitates the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements and owns a landfill site in an illegal Israeli settlement http://www.whoprofits.org/company/veolia-environnement http://www.globalexchange.org/economicactivism/veolia/victories - See more at: http://www.bdsmovement.net/2014/kuwait-to-boycott-50-companies-12770#sthash.pdiTK8DM.dpuf
  2. Does anyone know where i can hire 6ft round tables from ? or does any one have some we could borrow and pay a small fee / donation for? we are a charity and were hosting a party and need some, condition doesn't matter as they will be covered.... Help much appreciated please pm me asap
  3. unfortunately Nomad has lost its funding and the Smartmove scheme is coming to a close.
  4. Hi dave i was using the example that training twice a week for 1 year only works out at 104 hrs so split in to weeks (assuming you trained for 8 hours each day) would be around 2 weeks training ! so my 1 month solid training works out at around two and a half years (at twice a week). I dont do any thing at the moment, but i know i should unfortunatly family commitments and all that stuff gets in the way! Youre wright Dave we were shown application of forms , but as you know show one person a block and some one else could show you the same technique as a strike or a lock, nothing is ever black and white, so i guess it depends on how much the student wants to understand.or some times the students would get confused, so i suppose that is why it takes so long to understand your techniques, but as i said even 6 years is only 78 days (of solid) training or there abouts.
  5. Hi everyone me again just to put chekiker straight, 1 I'm not acussing you of hating karate instructors- but you have said that karate instructors that teach kickboxing are , liars , there cheating students, scumbags,amongst other things( all of thiese can be seen on your previous threads) 2 I merely mentioned that Paul was a Karate man 3 Well you do think that you are the only kickboxing instructor in Sheffield, on one hand you hate karate guys jumping on the kickboxing band wagon, then your saying you'd recomend people to train with clubs that have more of a karate base (or karate orientated). Theres no mystery to who i am or what style i do i have been training in karate for a number of years. I only want to understand what you think a good or legitamate kickboxing instructor / coach is. What do his / her credentials have to be.
  6. hi everyone theres some pretty strong comments being said, but like i mentioned earlyer you can't help some people, and when i say this, you will know if it is meant for you "put on you blinkers and go training":D
  7. Hi every one one thing Martial arts has taught me it is respect for other styles and i have to say your all right on this one (even you Freddy) some one once said "if you havn't anything good to say about anyone then don't say anything, that way you can't get in trouble " so here are my views on GKR " ".
  8. Your right xsarababex the fastest way of embarrising yourself and your club is to dis other styles or instructors personaly, every one trains at what suits them and thats all there is to it . happy training
  9. Look in yellow pages there are clubs all over sheffield, but try a few places and speak to the instructors ,find out as much info as you can before you commit.
  10. hi everyone back again freddy i think your mistaken i looked at all of icemans postings, and theres no mention of slaging any one off just advice on some kung fu classes but i decided to check out your postings and i must say there is a lot of martial arts that you put down (and instructors) i mean i train in wado ryu and have beentraining for 8 years and we all know that kickboxing isnt a real martial art, and all ( well most ) kick boxing instructors proberbly started out as traditional martial artists but couldnt make the grade and fell out before black belt, or earlier, then picked up one of the martial arts magazines saw the advert for running your own club and well the rest is history:hihi: ( apologies to real instructors that succeded to gain a dan grade or black belt in a real martial art first )
  11. Hi every one i'm quite new to this but i train in the Martial arts and was always told respect was a big thing in karate or any martial art and i think iceman has a point you arn't a very good image for your club freddy:shakes: And one thing ive found out is that its an insecure and weak person that bad mouths someone that they have never met. and it'll only get you in trouble because you never know who will walk in to the training hall!
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