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  1. Given the level off maturity that he displayed, that wouldn't surprise me...I really don't understand the aggressive posturing and driving / riding off stuff - most motorcyclists are happy to give a nod to other folks on two wheels... ---------- Post added 26-07-2016 at 16:10 ---------- Just had a look at your contribution to ther forum...you should be on stage...
  2. Wow, someone did something and I felt the need to respond...wait a minute, have you not just done the same thing?!? Oh yes, you have...live your life...
  3. I certainly didn't - I was also on two wheels...(I do drive a car as well) ---------- Post added 25-07-2016 at 21:45 ---------- Sometimes car drivers do this to me when I'm on two wheels, but for some strange reason noone ever does it if I'm following a police motorcycle
  4. I honestly don't know - I'll always hold my hand up if I've made a mistake, but on this occassion I am at a loss
  5. You with the orange helmet - perhaps you'd like to PM me and explain your reasons for what appeared to be an unprovoked gesture? I would have happily discussed your reasons with you in the layby, but I suspect making gestures and then riding away is more your style.
  6. Try the Chinese Community Centre, William Lai - I think some details can be found on here, or you could try googling him
  7. Paul, well done on the medal and the charity endeavour - it's a very worthwhile cause and I'll deffo sponsor you
  8. Haven't posted in a while but just popped on to give the thumbs up to the above - had a fantastic carvery there on Sunday; warm welcome; good service - twas very impressed! We got there quite early (12.30) though and I did notice that it was getting rather busy later on, with people having to wait for a table.
  9. Depending on where you train, wing chun can take a LONG, LONG time to learn...
  10. There is a clip on youtube of some kung fu guy (not neccessarily wing chun though), who semed to think that eye gouging and other techniques that are banned from mma events would make a difference. I'm not saying they wouldn't, but in that particular instance he gets armlocked by a bjj blackbelt, and although the clip comes to an end at that point, it appears his arm gets broken.
  11. The Boztepe/William Cheung thing is/was on youtbue - it looked very similar to too schoolboys rolling around in the playground - not their finest hour (hopefully!)
  12. Mehdi, Helene, Christian, etc are all fighting full thai rules, not sure about any others?
  13. All Star MMA have been round for quite a while. I'd never heard of Eddie either so I clicked on the link
  14. They were protesting outside Waitrose because Waitrose & John Lewis buy Israeli products, inclduing those from illegal settlements. Although it's wrong for them to abuse anyone if that is indeed what happened, there point is a legitimate - Israel operates an apartheid system that notable South African observers have said is far worse than that which occurred in South Africa, and Israel continues to flout international law. I can only summise that those of you who support Israel and the likes of Waitrose also supported the apartheid in South Africa. If so,say no more. P.S I don't have long hair, read the guardian or hug trees, and I can't stand lentils.
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