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  1. Glad to report that my receipt from Coppen Estates has been delivered today. Problem solved.!!!
  2. The £5_00 I paid for my receipt is of course trivial but as I understand the law ,if I don't ask Coppen to send it I will be "condoning " their actions. If my son is able to obtain it when he calls it will be problem solved and we can get back to normal service. ( have been here for 12 years )
  3. Apologies, I meant Jeffrey Shaw. I have family in Sheffield who are also my Attorneys and they will try to visit Coppen on my behalf. Our RTMC chairman now has an account number and sort code for Coppen and I will be happy to pay my Ground Rent by standing order but only if we can speak to or meet someone from Coppen Estates!
  4. Many thanks for your input, I have made our RTMC aware of the comments/ advice from Jim Shaw and yourself. I should get an invoice from Coppen towards the end of December when my next ground rent is due to be paid. If I do get my receipt in the interim I will acknowledge it here on the Forum.
  5. Honesty,decency,good manners or better still the receipt I paid for.
  6. Still no receipt or replies to my telephone requests. My degree is not Law but Jeff Shaw might be able to correct me if I'm wrong...if I take money off someone and promise to give something in return and do not hand over the promised item is this not tantamount to theft? I even provided a self addressed envelope with a first class stamp!!
  7. Thanks,my bank statement is proof that I have paid. Took two and a half years for them to send the invoice due to Covid and a change of Management Company. Fortunately I made a copy of the invoice/ statement. I will take your advice and will decline the invitation to send a stamped self addressed envelope and fee in order to get a receipt in future. ANOTHER PENSIONER MUGGED!!
  8. I sent my Ground Rent by cheque on 17th May and added £5_00 in order to get a receipt along with a self addressed envelope with a first class stamp as requested. The cheque was drawn from my account on the 20th May but there is still no sign of my receipt so I left a message on the 1ST JUNE on the answering machine politely requesting my receipt. How long should I wait before making another call or sending an email?
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