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  1. I didn’t have any scales with me at the time.
  2. Thanks Tinfoil, I try and give you as much info as I have at point of writing this, WAC loose Healey Dam as you stated 31/12/2020. After this, DB cargo will be netting and removing all fish. No fishing. Im in contact with WAC regarding this to get as much info as possible, also with DB cargo, river authority and environment agency. DB cargo bounce my emails around different departments. Apparently, DB cargo lost a court case regarding injuries and a death? on their properties. They are not renewing any fishing.
  3. It is still on Wakefield Angling club book until 31/12/2020. For those that know it and fish it it’s still as popular as it was.
  4. This maybe a long shot but please bear with me... Cast your minds back to your first fishing experience. The first place you ever fished. Do you still fish there? If you do, then your one of the lucky ones!! Fishing is addictive, otherwise you wouldn’t still be fishing now. The place where I learned how to fish is under threat and due to be netted and closed at the end of 2020. Its most probably down to money, as is most things nowadays. I would be surprised if anybody in here has actually fished it. Its not in Sheffield, it’s in Wakefield. Healey Dam Ossett. I’m trying to do what I can to keep this fishery a fishery, improving the grounds and access so it’s accessible to everybody, providing on site toilets, wheelchair access to all the pegs and a community room for fishing lessons, community groups etc etc. Ive been contacting the land owners, local businesses, local angling clubs and the national lottery (hopefully for funding) Ive started the ball rolling, hopefully I can gain more support from anglers from local and surrounding areas to help save this place. I realise this happens up and down the country, year in year out. Any help, support, ideas are most welcome. Thanks.
  5. I totally understand your points about access and agree. The point you made about offering a discount is a very good idea and would probably increase the amount of year books sold. I will be joining Howbrook (if possible) as it’s only ten mins away, but I am looking forward to trying out a lot more waters looking for a 10lb tench!!
  6. The price isn’t an issue, I’ll pay the price to join a club if I like fishing the waters, I’ve since found out that Howbrook, If they decide to do a year book next year will probably be £50 plus. My original post was to see if people thought that ALL the waters should be on one book, for one price, rather than split across separate books.
  7. I’ve been round 4 fisheries that belong to CDAA. Howbrook res, Nancy pond (never seen anyone there!!)Westwood res, and Tankersley. If they run more and Ive missed them, I apologise. What I’m getting from talking to the people that have been fishing, some on more waters than others, is that each water has its own year book, I think Nancy pond is included on one book??. For those that have read my previous posts, you know I love a reply!! So, Heres my thoughts on this, as always replies welcome!!! If it’s £35 per year (ballpark!) for each pond, that’s £105 a year to fish all waters. Is this a fair price for a “District Angling Association”? Shouldnt it be one club one price? I will be joining Howbrook next year, and I hope a few of you do try it out. What if 100 buy year books for Howbrook, or just one of the other ponds, and no work or Managment is done on those waters? And yes I would sacrifice fishing time to help with maintaining a fishery I join. Is this common practice nowadays?
  8. I posted earlier about Mill Dam at loxley. Had an hour tonight up at Howbrook, again!! Same set up, same bait, same side. Wasn’t expecting much, 10 -15 mins in I pulled out the very same common I had on my first visit!! Could tell by the mouth, seen better days!! Thought that would of been my lot, fishing so close in. Again, the float glides under, thought it was another smallish barbel, not much fight but darting side to side to the reeds. It’s tail breaks the surface a rods length out and it’s off!!! This is no barbel!! The lights dropping fast, and this thing is bending my 1.75lb t/c barbel rod double!! I’m only on 10lb bottom!! I was taken through the reed beds on both sides of the peg, more than once! Lovely common, bigger than the first, low 20s, easy 22lb. Got to be some 25-30lbmirrors in there if the commons are that big. Different bloke fishing tonight!! Mentioned it doesn’t fish too well during the day?? Nice day tomorrow, I could squeeze 3-4 hours in,might see if this is true.
  9. Spoke to a lady from the house next to the dam, she seemed nice enough, pleased that it’s not been fished anymore. Does anybody know Dave (think his surname is Clark) who owns the land??
  10. Mill Dam is closed. Dave, who owns the land just wants to keep it as that. Land. Had a walk round today, few decent fish feeding off the top. Such a shame as it looks like it has been cared for over the years.
  11. Try Howbrook Res!! 30-40 min drive from S13.
  12. Only one fishing again tonight, same bloke as yesterday. Freebies worked!!!! Not one of the bigger carp I was hoping for!!! But, non the less, I caught, again, with just over an hours fishing. There IS barbel in there. Absolutely perfect condition fish. Not a net buster, 2 1/2 to 3lb, but like I said in tip top condition. Definitely worth a year book for 2021, even if it’s upto an hours drive!! Looking forward to checking out Mill dam over next 2/3 days!! Will post my findings!!
  13. Try Aston ponds just off A57 near wales bar. Not fished it personally, but reviews are good.
  14. I’m going down there on Monday night, have a look round, throw some bait out, maybe come back Tuesday with a line!! Fished it once in 07. Method feeder. Good day about 45-50lbs of mixed fish. Nice to see if any of the bigger fish are still there!! I will be sure to let you know if they are, and pass on any info gained!!
  15. Charliewag, I’d be surprised if any of the decent fish in there haven’t been seen in a while, only 1 fishing tonight when I called up, and he’d not caught yet. Let’s hope my “freebies” tonight work for me tomorrow!!!
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