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  1. i told the police and they contacted him - he then told them that i had given him the car. which i didn't as the car is still in my name and i have the log books. looking into the small claims court now - thanks
  2. called the poice and they have said its just a domestic and they are not getting involved the car worth £4k
  3. Hi, Can anyone recommend any small claims solicitors? or can anyone offer any legal advice? my ex partner stole and sold my car without my permission. they car was in my name - i have all the log books and everything. thanks in advance:)
  4. I'm struggling with ideas for this years staff BBQ last year we had it @ Bluwater by the canal but its closed now. any help greatly appreciated, its for about 50 - 60 peeps gem xx
  5. Has anyone been into The Basement on West Street? Whats it like? i heard its playing funky house on Saturday's
  6. i know how to do extensions, i just thought that there would be somewhere in sheffield that i could do the course and get the qualification, the closet i can find one is manchester
  7. Hair Extension Training Courses I am a freelance hairdresser and nail technician and I want to add hair extensions to my skills list. Can anyone suggest a course that I can learn the most up to date method of application? I want the bonds to be fantastic, barely noticable and easily removable as some of my clients would want them temporarily for film/tv work. Thank you.
  8. i have a prime location - offer made business plan all but done but now i'm completely at a lost as to where i go from here!! if anyone can give me some advice as to how i can go about getting started! finance, decor , accountants etc
  9. i managed to get a taxi £70 for both ways
  10. Neil has officially resigned who is going to be our next manager i cant see stuart mcall being the manager full time
  11. I'm struggling with ideas for this years staff BBQ last year we had it @ Bluwater by the canal but i dont really want to have it there again. any help greatly appreciated, its for about 50 - 60 peeps gem xx
  12. Im looking to get get a taxi to birmimgham airport on 28th May, never been before so not sure how much it could be. its 2 people traveling any ideas??
  13. change of plan i'm buying it and moving in, while she is getting somewhere else
  14. Does anyone know a salon that will take on Level 2 college students?? i'm looking for a placement on evenings and saturday,'s I'm hoping to qualify for APril / May at the latest, i have done a majority of my colour techniques / washes but i still need to practice my cutting and perming. Please PM if you know any salon that can help thanks
  15. my mum is having most of the repairs done this month, manchester metropolitan have just bough 80% or more of the council houses in sheffield. they are giving new bathrooms kitchens and external doors to nearly all residents. so i wa thinking of finding the info out now and possibly putting in a request to buy in november or something
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