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  1. Thanks everyone. Lots of opinions to consider here. @max-- helpful to know about traffic. My husband doesn't commute every day to Leeds, maybe 2 days a week. Is the SW side of the city worse for traffic? @geared -- thanks for the list of places. we hadn't really considered living within the peaks as thought village life would be too quite for us. Do you have any experience of living in those areas?
  2. Hi, My husband and I are looking into relocating from the West Midlands to Sheffield. My husband is originally from York, and me Dublin. We want to move for lifestyle (The PEAKS!) and to be closer to his family. He also works a lot in Leeds so it will be an easier commute for him. I am expecting our first baby, so we will be raising a young family. Looking for some where with a community feel, but still a bit of a buzz (shops, cafes, ?a gym). We would love a detached house, with goodgarden space. Ideally close to the peaks which we would hope to access really regularly as we love camping, climbing and cycling. Bit of a wish list I know! We are looking £500-£650k. Any help/advice would be great. I know s10, s11, and totley/dore keeps coming up. Cheers
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