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  1. Ayup,Can anyone help, please?I'm looking for pub names and locations (websites if poss) that have acoustic groups/trios/duos in Sheffield or Chesterfield on Monday nights. Definite places please, not "there used to be one on ..." Thanks
  2. Jesus H tap dancing Christ! Your lad cut his leg at school he's over it. You do the same get on with your life and stop whining.
  3. That was definitely the Pavilion(or as we knew it the "Pav"). This was at the top of our street,Leigh Street. I was born at number 46. The "carpet place" was the Attercliffe Palace, where they used to show "cheeky women"...nude. All unmoving and in the best possible taste. There were other acts of course, jugglers,magicians, dancers,comedians, speciality acts. The Globe was a bit further towards town from the Pav and on the opposite side of the road with Maltby St. school behind it.The cinema on Staniforth Rd was, as has been said, the Regal.The carpet shop on Staniforth road was the Balfour then there was a small cinema at the junction of Greenland Rd and(I think)Darnall Rd called,appropriately, the Darnall Cinema.
  4. I have Wordpress 3.4.1. Theme 2010. I want to remove the sidebar so I have just the one page,preferably not using codes. I've searched Youtube with no results that suit my requirements. Can anyone help please?
  5. ... more than one if I'm lucky. Oh,not for me personally you understand (I'm far too old and my hormones are in short supply). The thing is, we have 3 women, who often train against/with the men,but I reckon it would be good if there was an even number. If any women in the S8 area are interested,please logon to http://www.nortondojo.co.uk and click on the FAQ link for more information. If all questions aren't answered there, then give us a bell. It's fairly safe training, we've not had any deaths for months. Men are welcome too, however, we're doing ok in that section up to now. Still, you're welcome.
  6. Has anyone used the book "Wordpress for Dummies"? If so I'd value your comments on it ,please. I already have a site uploaded, using Dreamweaver. but it's quite a few years old now and badly needs updating. I'm told Wordpress is better than Dreamweaver and is "easy, no problem". Hmmm, I've heard that before. Can you help,please?
  7. I've been told I should get out more, and learning the Salsa would be ideal. I'm told there's Platillos on Sunday nights in Leopold Square (no times, days or prices were given). But I'd like to know of any others in or near S8, with prices,days and times,please. Especially those which cater for men over 50. I'm a beginner and can only attend either Friday,Saturday or Sunday. I've searched previous threads but most are on days I can't get, or people write"there used to be one on so-and so but I'm not sure if it's there now" or "my pal used to go to one but I've not seen them for a while". I mean what use is that. Thanks
  8. I'm trying to create a Website using Wordpress 3.2.1. with Tinymce Advanced for the tables. I can get the Table centralised on the Edit Page, no problem. But, when I Save Draft then Preview it's moved over to the left. I've tried all sorts of permutations but it won't have it. I've looked on Youtube and there's many who tell you how to Install Tables but none show how to Centralise. Any help please!
  9. I've been a member since Pure Gym opened and my observations are:-Pure Gym is cheap.While most of the customers look decent.There are certainly more than a few who look as though they'd slip a knife in you or start a fight at the drop of a hat. But Pure Gym is cheap. There is no "policing" in the Free Weights Section so weights etc are lying all over the place (not just in the Free Weights Section either) resulting in anyone needing to use said equipment having to go searching for them. This is a problem for Management to solve but other than putting up useless notices they've ignored it.Pure Gym is cheap. Equipment(Machine) breakdowns seem fairly common, bits of equipment go missing i.e.the detachable bits. Replacements usually take about a month to arrive.The looped music's at a reasonable volume,BUT, when the "Personal Trainers" have their private classes their own music is bassy and VERY LOUD. It mingles with the looped music so all you hear is noise.Pure Gym is cheap. The staff look as though they couldn't care less,but, as I've had no contact with them that's only my impression. If I could afford it I'd certainly go elsewhere,but I can't, so I go to Pure Gym, which is cheap.
  10. As has already been said supplements are exactly that, and are useless without the correct diet. In my case, about 18 months ago I weighed about 127-9 lbs. I changed my diet,ate more,took Whey supplements and started working out with weights 3 mornings a week, as well as doing Karate 3(different)nights a week. I'm now approaching my goal of 154 lbs (150 as of now). Not a fantastic weight for some,granted, and it's taken a long time, but it's a great step for me.The thing is,Keiron, I simply could not and cannot, eat the amount of food required to give me all the protein,carbs and calories I need. O.K.I've got a bit of a belly now, my excuse is my internal organs have had to enlarge to accommodate my food intake but, at 67 I'm not really worried about that. Also, I've got (and am getting) more muscular. The only drawback is fighting women off by using only a rolled up newspaper(I'm kidding:hihi:). Anyway, in my opinion, supplements are O.K.taken properly and with initial sound advice.
  11. Yes Fred1, we're on Youtube . A few of the vids go back a while though. http://www.youtube.com/my_videos?feature=mhee Some of us... sorry, NONE of us are as fast as Farhad's lads, but it's a completely different discipline. Some, most, of us ain't that young any more. Where does the time go? Still,we carry on.
  12. Thanks alcoguitar & swarfendor43 for your replies. Since my last appeal for help,as well as defragging ,using Spybot and Restore I've used SuperAntispyware,deleted Temporary Internet Files Folder,used Disk Cleanup,Increased the size of my Paging File, converted jpg to bmp, made sure all my imported files are compatible, Checked for Disk Error taken the side off the computer to ensure cooling and defragged again.Sadly there's been no improvement after all that. However, on the defrag Analyze indicator there's a block of (red) fragmented files on my C Drive (I have 14.6 GB free space), but the pop up says "there is no need to defrag again". I've searchred a few Forums for help but no-one seems to know the cause or cure for this. Any advice I've carried out is from Microsoft.Has anyone else any ideas,please?This really seems to be beating a lot of people.
  13. Whilst making videos,using MSWMM, I'll be going on nicely then the cursor will start moving erraticaly i.e. moving a second or two after I try to point it, and the operation I required will take its time in activating. Then (still in MSWMM),the imported images on Storyboard or Timeline play erraticaly when I check video content. A minute or so later everything "freezes". I have to "Exit" by turning the Computer off, waiting a minute then restarting. At all other times the Computer works fine.I've not downloaded anything to cause this problem.I've Defragged, Spybotted and Restored hoping that may solve it, no chance. I run WINDOWS XP,128 ATHLON processor,56k MODEM,1.5GB RAM,120 GB Hard Drive So, has anyone any helpful suggestions as to what I can do to rectify this problem,please?
  14. The Will should be quite straightforward according to what I've read above.I'm in a Council rented dwelling, only have my pension as an income and not a lot in the Bank which I intend to spend ,or much of it,anyway.Many thanks to all who've answered.
  15. I've tried Search Forum using the above title and have found nothing useful. I want to write my Will and would appreciate any advice on the matter. I most definitely don't want to go to a Solicitor and be screwed for £50 - £100 or more. Could anyone help me out on this, please?
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