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  1. Ok, I understand. I had no idea benefits apply to pets as well! It seems that Peak Vets are really worth a try!
  2. Do you have their phone number?
  3. Oh, right. There's a point in this..
  4. Oh, oh.. There's supposed to be an ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic Scheme. And these vets are listed in this Scheme. :confused:
  5. If you look above, it gave me a list of cat friendly clinics in the Sheffield area!
  6. Thanks! I would certainly do that! ---------- Post added 17-08-2013 at 23:53 ---------- Oh, I am Greek. I had a very good vet with much experience on cats. He used to answer my questions about medical matters without being arrogant and selfish. I could distinguish a good and informed vet with that little knowledge I have acquired so far. There are vets only for cats everywhere, in every country I mean. They use to attend congresses as they have formed some kind of "union". There is also this site http://www.icatcare.org/ from which they get informed on the latest news. There are vets only for cats in the UK, too. That's why I asked if there is one in Sheffield.. ---------- Post added 17-08-2013 at 23:56 ---------- Have a look at this: http://www.icatcare.org/cat-campaigns/cat-friendly-clinic ---------- Post added 17-08-2013 at 23:58 ---------- I searched for cat friendly clinics in South Yorkshire and here's what I got: -Hall Court Veterinary Group 1 St Leonards Close DINNINGTON Sheffield S25 2RL t. 01909 562319 e. hallvets@hotmail.com http://www.hallvets.co.uk -Springfield Veterinary Surgeon 1 Stubbin Lane Firth Park SHEFFIELD S5 6QG t. 0114 242 2815 e. lab.firthpark@cvsvets.co.uk http://www.springfieldvetgroup.co.uk -Park Veterinary Hospital Sterndale House 24 Abbeydale Road South SHEFFIELD S7 2QN t. 0114 2363391 http://www.parkvethospital.com -Peak Vets 36 Olivet Road SHEFFIELD S8 8QS t. 0114 250 7733
  7. Thanks a lot! I understand it is hard to find a good vet as most of them lack of in-depth experience regarding different kinds of animals. At least in my country a vet who can diagnose the cause of a problem successfully is an exception of the rule. However, I will keep all of your recommendations in mind and I really hope my little ones need a doctor as rarely as possible!
  8. The Highfield vets are those in London Road, right? In the corner with John street? What opinion have you shaped about Broomhill vets?
  9. Your answers are very enlightening, thanks!! Highfield vets are actually those closest to Walkley and your opinion helps, Alternageek.
  10. Thank you! It seems that opinions differ regarding which vet is better, Vet4pets or Peak Vets! As long as a vet recognises the special needs and organism of a feline, it will be someone a cat owner could trust..
  11. Well, both Peak and Vet4Pets are very far away from Walkley for someone who does not drive, like me. But if they are good, I won't mind taking them there. Is it possible to get in a taxi with a pet in its carrier?
  12. [/color] I see in their website that they offer a Care 4 Pets Healthcare plan, have you tried it?
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