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  1. Not sure who he used to be honest. However, for things like this (tradesmen), I personally use MyHammer.co.uk where you can specify what you want doing, and then you get quotes back from local tradesmen (you can also see reviews/ratings from people that have used them). Hope that helps
  2. If you want tiles as well, yorkshire tiles (bramall lane) do two good package deals that include bathroom suites and tiles. A friend of mine just got one and it looks spot on! http://www.ytc-tiles.com/products/promotion/package-deal.shtml
  3. Hi Cyclone, yeah ive tried to find out where its coming from exactly but without any luck at all. Its almost like the sound is coming through all of the wall (if that makes sense?).
  4. Our house is an ex-council and in the past I think it did have a shared heating system (and shared water supply??). However the row of houses are all now privately owned and each of us has our own heating system and water supply. So not sure if that is what is causing the problem spider1?
  5. Without giving any personal specifics, we live in the South West of Sheffield. PM me if you are interested in the exact location if you are also in the same region. Its strange as some days/nights, although the noise is there, it is bearable and we have got used to it. Where some times, it is loud enough to disturb. When you go outside...perfectly silent!
  6. paul12345678 - Yeah, I would say its definetly loudest in the bedroom and lounge which share the party wall (this may just be a coincidence?) although it can be heard in every room. Actually, there is one room where it is barely noticable at all - we have a lower floor extension which doesnt share any walls with both of our neighbours. Thats another reason why I think the noise is coming from the neighbour with the boiler on the party wall (although I appreciate it might now not be their bolier). jojothecool - ive already tried switching off my distribution board, however, you are right about asking my neighbour to try that as well...I will make this my next step.
  7. I do have a theory that it could be my neighbours bolier, as it is fixed on the party wall. We do hear it 'fire up' but its not a noise that bothers us. This noise is very different and I have read that broken pumps can make a strange noise. However, I believe that their boiler is programmed to start at 7am in the morning and stop at 11pm at night (it doesnt 'fire up' outside of these hours). Therefore, if their boiler is not 'on', is it still possible for the pump to keep running and making a noise?? Also, if it was a broken pump on their boiler - wouldnt they be able to hear the noise in their house? FORE - forgot to add... its def not a street light, ive been outside when the noise is happening inside and I cant hear a thing outside. Its a strange one!
  8. I was hoping someone may also have had this problem in the past and be able to advise me on what the problem could be... Basically, for a few months now we have been hearing a constant low frequency vibrating/humming noise in the house. It started off all of a sudden one day in the early hours of the morning, as it woke both myself and my partner. We thought it was our next door neighbour (we live in a terrace house) turning on an air-con machine or something but I have been round since to ask them if they have any appliances like this turned on and they said no (they are decent people, so have no reason not to believe them). They even said they couldnt hear any vibrating/humming noise in their house when I asked them. Some days/nights, the noise is quieter and bearable, however, other times it can be so loud the noise is over our TV and it also causes sleepless nights. I have unplugged all my electrical appliances and even turned off the Mains board but the noise is still there. Ive done some reading on the internet and this problem does seem to be experienced by a few people, but no one has ever published a solution or cause of the noise. Im going to get an electrician/plumber to come and do some investigating, but before I do, I was wondering if other people have had (or are having) the same problem and if they ever found out what the problem was.
  9. Dronfielder - I think you have hit the nail square on the head! Our thoughts exactly! I think this was their plan from day 1.
  10. I havent been on the forum for a while and only caught up with this thread! A lot of response! Ive edited my first post just to take out the personal info and figures (which are irrelevant). Ive also reworded the part about 'won' as this was misleading that the 'winner' was the party with the highest offer. This wasnt the case (they both offered the same final offer, and we did actually go with the party that we thought were in the best position). Apologies about that, although it shouldn't distract from the main issue. I have no problem with people saying it was 'greed', as many people also admit they would have done the same. Although I do feel its a bit unfair that some people say we 'had it coming' because of this. I also agree with everyone that buyers need protection as well (despite my post being from a seller point of view) to protect them from sellers pulling out at the last minute too...it has to work both ways.
  11. It wasnt about greed. Everyone has a figure in mind what they want to sell at and once the offers reached that figure, we stopped it (it would have gone higher if we hadnt). Selling for less would have incurred a loss to us. Hindsight is of course a great thing, we now know which buyer would have been the right one, despite the seller we went with giving us good reason to choose them (we thought their situation would make the sale go through quicker - for all we know, the other seller may have put an even higher bid in). My 'rant' wasn't about the legality of things (apologies if my title suggests this), it was about the seller being morally wrong and I wanted to share this with others so they could learn from our experience (as will we). I know the buyer didnt do anything legally wrong at all. It was just the way they went about pulling out of the puchase.
  12. I appreciate that the buyer (or seller) has every right to pull out before exchange of contracts - however, for a buyer to lead you this far down the line and then back out the way they did (after stringing us along for 4 months) is criminal. In Scotland, once a buyer agrees to purchase a property - they are committed. This is how it should be in England. If the buyer pulled out for an acceptable reason (i.e. cant get a mortgage, valuation/survey return a negative response, etc) than fair enough. This wasnt the case. Im not seeking compensation or anything like that. I just want sellers to be aware that there are people out there that are like this.
  13. We want to make sellers aware of our recent experience as we have been left with a huge amount of stress and worry, in addition to outstanding fees that we will struggle to pay. Our lives have been torn apart! This is purely to make sellers learn from our experience so they may be able to react sooner to avoid being in the same position as us... In May 2011 we put our house up for sale. Within a few weeks, we recieved an offer from a lady that wasnt acceptable. We rejected. A few days later, we received an acceptable offer from another buyer and this then started a bidding war between the two buyers. Despite both parties offering the same amount (as a final offer), we went with the party that we believed were in the best position and had the best circumstances. We were always suspicious about the buyer but as their personal circumstances seemed to favour going with them (partly being as they needed to be in the catchment area of the local school to get their child in), we thought that this would sail through. They had the house valued and this came back fine. but the lenders wouldnt give them a mortgage for another reason (I think due to looking into her income further - or so we were told). Her parents then decided to get a buy-to-let mortgage to buy the house in their name and rent it to their daughter. At this point, we asked them if everything was ok as we still had the other buyer to turn to as a back up. They said yes. They had another valuation, and again, all turned out fine, however, we continued to smell a rat for some reason as they were stalling the exchange of contracts. In the meantime, we had found the perfect house, and everything was sorted and ready to exchange. Now at mid-September, we kept asking the buyer to exchange but they kept hesitating by saying they didnt have the official mortgage offer back yet (4 weeks after the valuation?!). We went on holiday for a week and the first day back, we get a phone call... yep, they are pulling out because 1. they "believe" our house is worth £13k less than their offer (despite the 2 valuations confirming the value was at least equal to their original offer) and 2. They have been informed by "someone" that our house "might" not be worth the money in two years time (wouldnt that be the same for ANY house then?!). Then it all came to light - they had been viewing other properties new on the market over the last few weeks!! And as they had seen a cheaper (but inferior) property, they are now going for that property instead!! Its a joke, they have strung us along for weeks and now the other buyer isnt in the market anymore, so we have no fall-back (the other buyer said they would be happy to be a back-up if the sale didnt go through). We have also been left with fees we are struggling to pay off (survey fees, etc). There needs to be a law like there is in Scotland. Our house is back on the market now, but we have all this to go through again which is deflating. Our confidence has also taken a huge knock for when we do eventually find another buyer. PROPERTY SELLERS - trust your instincts. Thats our lesson from this. Im sure we will sort things out eventually, but buyers like this need to be punished.
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