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  1. Hi thanks for all your messages im going to visit a nursery and a childminder tomorrow so hopefully i will have my childcare sorted
  2. Hi can anyone recommend a nursery or childminder that lives in or around S5 im possibly after a couple of days in the week to start early august
  3. i went to a magic session just under 2 weeks ago and had great fun we had to blow up balloons and make them into a castle which is no easy task lol. i have been offered the job just waiting for my hours , i hope you enjoyed the day and were also successful
  4. has anyone been offered a job yet who went to the magic session last wednesday ?
  5. I went to a magic session today for the catchbar lane shop and i can tell you its hard to make a castle out of balloons lol
  6. well i finally heard from asda handsworth and it was a no ive had over 21 years in customer service so it makes me wonder what they are looking for The people who have got through to the magic sessions which store is it for as ive still expressed an interest in chaucer road and i was wondering if i still stood a chance at this store
  7. Ive bought a blackberry 8100 second hand and it requires a password which you have to keep putting in , i cant get it off and have been told its the previous owners IT policy that doing it. Does anyone know how to get it off please
  8. Ive been told there is a new burger place opened up at Centertainment and was thinking of going there on saturday has anyone been and is it any good ?
  9. Ah thanks for putting that I didnt know, I live in the middle of both stores so it doesnt make a difference either way for me luckily
  10. when did you apply ? . I only applied on the 11th june ive not heard anything yet but i mightve been late applying as i dont know when they posted the jobs
  11. I was wondering if anyone has applied for the jobs for 16 hours that were advertised the other day on their website the closing date was the 14th June, I know its not even built yet but i was wondering if anyone had been offered an interview yet.
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