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  1. Driving along Bochum Parkway and turned off to go past Jordonthorpe in the fields to the left I saw a large bird which I thought was a Buzzered. I then noticed the bird had a forked tail. I'm guessing a red kite?? Anyone else seen it?
  2. Hi Danny.... I'm a member of the carp lake this yr....... Beautiful lake about 3acre. I've overnighted 3 times since early March and only had 2... A mirror of 14lb2oz & common of 12lb 6.......... The carp run to about 18 but average 12, the guy who owns it had the misfortune of a fish kill about 5yr ago so he totally drained it and then restocked with only 75 quality VS carp. They may be small but they are the most georgous looking carp I've caught. I think he will let people fish It on an overnighter for about £13..... Well worth it. And now the weathers warming they will start to show more.
  3. Thanks for that. Yes it looks an excellent fishery, I'v just looked on the website and the kingfisher lake looks great. Must say I'm not a carp or matchman, just love a good mixed fishery. Thanks for that aistrop.
  4. As anyone got any idea how this place fishes, an if its worth the £60 permit fee??
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