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Clover Lucky 4 leaf clover

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The other day I was feeling a little bit down due to bad health and was doing some work in my garden. I looked down at what I think is a clover patch and my eyes are suddenly drawn to one, pick it and it's a 4 leaf clover. I went out today to the same patch in my garden to take a photo of the patch to check it was clover and to my surprise found another two 4 leaved clovers. It looks like something has been having a nibble of the leaves but I wanted to check with those in the know (you guys) that this is clover? and if so why so many in my garden? I live in Bamford in the Hope Valley which is in the Peak National park ..could there be some environmental cause for this? or am I just very lucky :)


Photos of the patch can be seen here:



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Yes, it's clover, and it's not at all uncommon to find more than one 4-leaved one in the same patch. It's down to the plant's genes, not environemental causes. Creeping white clover is Trifolium repens (trifolium = three-leafed) but if you look for the garden versions which have been selected to have dark leaves (Trifolium repens atropurpureum) you will see they've also been selected so they have a lot of 4 (or more) leafed clovers.

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