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New Open Age Rugby Team in Sheffield

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Having a positive Mental Attitude towards the game not only allows you to enjoy the experience of playing, It also increases endurance, speed and agility,


It’s a great way to make new friends, Whether it’s playing in a match or just throwing a ball around in the park with friends, Rugby is such a fun, sociable Sport that you almost forget you’re doing exercise.

Some key benefits of playing Rugby;

It’s more motivational than just running

It can improve mood, and helps to relieve stress therefore having a positive impact on Mental Health as well as physical health

It protects from major diseases

It helps build confidence

FAD RFC are always looking for new players aged 16+ to come along and join in with this unique Club..


If you're passionate about playing, have a dedicated attitude towards training, and have a willingness to learn, then contact us by emailing the following;




Playing Aibility

Previous Experience


to; rugby@fadfc.org.uk


We do not discriminate on any grounds, and would suggest you read our policies on best conduct before commiting to our club. FAD FC understands that every player is different, with different needs, and we take the time to talk to new players before they decide whether to join us or not. We believe this gives every player the best possible start.

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