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Rehearsal/space to build studio, ideas?


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Hey people,


I was asking the age old question of finding space to rent to move my small mixing studio?


I'm only looking for a 4mx4m room and I've literally rang every place I can find, and no luck!


Anywhere within 3/4 miles of Sheffield Centre would be amazing!


Any recommendations please?

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You could give the lovely folks at Pointblank a call and see if they've any places in Sheffield at the mo:




As an aside, 4x4 isn't a great size for a mixing studio unless you've plenty of trapping/treatment, though beggars & choosers etc, I know how it goes. Mines roughly that size, though very irregular shaped which helps, and I've 2 entire walls of membrane traps to control the low end.


Have you got a rough budget for rent?



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Thanks for the reply! I have a 4m x4m treated room at the minute and I've been sending mixes off for mastering with little changes required to the mixes, so I think I 'know my room' as they say!

I'm paying £160pm so something similar would be amazing!

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I think you can mix with anything if you know it well enough. Be worth taking a REW test before you go so you can compare and contrast your new room.


I'll keep an eye out for you as I'm having to move myself very soon and may have to find an interim place as I've just had an album, ep and load of singles dropped on me, been really quiet for ages - like a load of busses turning up just when you've decided to walk!




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