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Charity Event - Help Needed

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I'm helping to arrange a charity event for the Sheffield Children's hospital on Sunday the 6th June at Meadowhall. The event will be part of the 'Big Lunch - Eden Project' scheme and held in the outside area by the Oasis. ALL money made during the day will be donated to the Children's hospital.


We are really hoping to find some generous people out there willing to donate their time/services and goods to help! We are happy to help you advertise in return, particularly as we expect footfall to be high. We will also be inviting local press in the hopes of showing how great the community spirit is in Sheffield for a great cause.


We have nine 20/30 minute slots available for entertainment and we're looking for bands/musicians/dance troops/characters etc who would be interested in popping down and performing for the wonderful public. We don't have any budget to pay for this so you would be donating your time for the charity - but we think this would be a great opportunity to hand out flyers etc to promote yourselves.


We're looking for local businesses who would kindly donate items for a raffle - whether this be a gift card to encourage people to check out your store or something physical, we're happy to have the help!


If you're interested in helping out, please send me a private message and I'd be happy to offer more information.

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